Minor/Repaint: Animated Stunticon Dragstrip

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Dischord, Apr 6, 2010.

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    A modest repaint of Animated Blurr. When I showed my Animated Clones a while back, a few perceptive members observed that Jetfire would make a great Dragstrip along the lines of Fastlane. That was a great idea, but I'd already started with the Blurr figure. Even then, I probably should have changed, because the Blurr figure, with its thin arms and legs, gave me a certain amount of grief. (That probably just made me more obstreperous.)

    Dragstrip is one of the fastest Transformers on the ground. He competes at the highest level of racing, establishing himself as one of the foremost racers on Cybertron. He’s not always the fastest, but on the makes up for it by his total lack of sportsbot-like behaviour. He goes right up to the edge of the rules and a little beyond. He delights in nudging competitors off the road, cutting them off and forcing them to brake sharply, and swerving to cause accidents. He rarely is punished, for his take-no-prisoners style is very popular with the viewing public.

    Off the track, Dragstrip talks and acts in an arrogant and superior manner. He is insulting to his opponents, and dismissive of fans and interviewers. He acts as if he knows something that others don’t.

    He does. He knows that his true allegiance lies elsewhere: it lies with the Decepticons. When these loyalties become known, those snivelling, slow-witted, slow-moving imbeciles who are his fans and competitors will react with horror and dismay. That time cannot come soon enough.

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    Right on! Looking good! And alriiiiiight, I see a connector. A nicely place one that fits in inconspicuously I might add.
    I did a digi something like this long ago on the boards here somewhere. Liking your nice solid yellow look, and the black on the back 'flap' thingy.
    So the next logical question is, what are your plans for the other four Stunticons? Gonna keeps us waiting until each individual unveiling? Or let us be excited right away for the Menasor to come?
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    I think if you lop off that fin on the top of his head, you'll have a near perfect figure :thumb 

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