2D Artwork: Animated Slicer

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    Function: Fortress Guard
    "Now go away, or I shall destroy you for a second time!"

    Slicer is the second result of "Project Doppelganger", the Decepticons' attempt to replicate two of Cybertron's greatest minds. Like Magnificus before him, "Slicer" turned out very different from his template, the Autobot Wheeljack. While Wheeljack is determined, clever, and enthusiastic about science, Slicer is a boorish, obnoxious thug whose only thought is to beat the scrap out of something. A total disappointment to his creators, Slicer fell into obscurity, passing through the Decepticon ranks from one commander to another. Eventually, he was installed as a guard in Straxus's citadel, Darkmount, on the planet Lucifer. Despite the Lord Hugh Governor's reputation for brutality (or perhaps, because of), Slicer found himself with no outlet to channel his destructive impulses. As a result, he blows off steam by taunting passers by and his fellow Decepticons, earning him a reputation as a particularly vicious, annoying taunter.

    - Two energon knives built into his arms.
    - Vicious taunting and "demoralizing" skills.
    - Skilled brawler.


    Not much to say here. The characterization draws from the 2nd Almanac, and from a certain Monty Python character. :p  The head is based off of Marlboor Wheeljack's, given a prissy thin mustache and goatee.

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    I generally like this one

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