Animated Sixshot, Sari, and Bumblebee

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    Sixshot is meditating on the roof of the Autobot Base. Sari and Bumblebee are watching him.

    Bumblebee: “What’s he doing again?”

    Sari: “He’s meditating, Bumblebee.”

    Bumblebee: “And meditating is…?”

    Sari: “Exercising the mind in contemplation.”

    Bumblebee: “…What?”

    Sari sighs impatiently.

    Sari: “Okay, he’s thinking really hard. Does that make more sense to you?”

    Bumblebee: “I guess so. Where did you learn to talk like that? It sounds like the kind of mumbo jumbo Prowl talks about all the time.”

    Sari: “Sixshot taught me about it.”

    Bumblebee: “Oh, yeah, Sixshot taught you something. Great.”

    Sari looks at Bumblebee.

    Sari: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    Bumblebee: “Nothing, nothing at all. Not that you’d care, anyway.”

    Sari: “Okay, what is with you, Bumblebee? You’ve been acting really weird since Sixshot and I started hanging out together.”

    Bumblebee: “Oh, really? I’m surprised you’d noticed, what with you hanging out with Sixshot for the last two weeks.”

    Sari: “Okay, so I’ve been hanging out with Sixshot, big deal.”

    Bumblebee: “It is a big deal. You never hang out with us anymore.”

    Sari crosses her arms.

    Sari: “You mean I never hang out with you anymore.”

    Bumblebee: “…I never said that.”

    Sari: “You didn’t have to.”

    Bumblebee: “Well, it’s true. Ever since Sixshot came along, you’ve been acting different.”

    Sari: “I have not.”

    Bumblebee: “The pit you haven’t! You’ve been spending time with Sixshot, a Decepticon and a murderer, when you could’ve been hanging out with me, your first and best friend.”

    Sari stomps her foot and clenches her fists.

    Sari: “…Don’t…ever…call him that word…Do you understand me?”

    Bumblebee: “What word? You don’t mean “murderer,” do you?”

    Sari’s eyes turn white with rage. Her hands convert to energy projectors.


    Bumblebee takes a step back. Sari takes a few deep breaths. Her eyes turn blue again and her hands return to normal. She looks back at Sixshot, who has not moved so much as a muscle.

    Bumblebee: “……I’m sorry.”

    Sari: “Bumblebee, I…”

    Bumblebee: “No…no…you’re right…I’m sorry I said that…I shouldn’t have…I guess…I guess I’m just…jealous…of Sixshot.”

    Sari gasps. Bumblebee blushes. Sixshot opens his eyes for a few seconds, and then closes them.

    Bumblebee: “……”

    Sari: “Bumblebee…you’re really jealous of him?”

    Bumblebee: “Yes. You’ve been spending so much time with him that I feel like you’ve forgotten about me, you know, like you’ve…traded up.”

    Sari: “Bumblebee…how could you ever think that? You know I wouldn’t do that to you, don’t you? You were the first friend I’ve ever had, and I could never forget that. You’re my best friend, and you always will be. But you have to understand, Sixshot is my friend, too. I’m his best friend.”

    Bumblebee: “But why?”

    Sari takes a deep breath. She looks back at Sixshot.

    Sari: “Sixshot is lonely. He’s never had any friends in his life. No one has ever cared about him, not even his own son. The only person who ever showed him any real compassion is dead now. He has no one in his life, and it’s made him bitter and hateful of other people. When Sixshot and I first met, he acted like he wanted nothing to do with me, but I was nice to him. I opened up to him. Do you know what I gained from Sixshot, Bumblebee?”

    Bumblebee slowly shakes his head.

    Sari: “His trust, Bumblebee. I gained his trust. He’s never trusted anyone in his life, just me. He’s made plenty of mistakes, and he regrets every single one of them. To you, he may be a big jerk, but I know him better than anyone else. He has a heart, and he’s scared to show it because he doesn’t trust anyone else. Believe me; he’s really sweet, and gentle, too. He’s protective of me the same way you are.”

    Bumblebee looks over at Sixshot.

    Sari: “Sixshot needs a friend, Bumblebee, and I’m there for him. Right now, I’m his only friend. He only listens to me, no one else, because he trusts me. I’m just trying to get through to him. I’m trying to teach him how to trust others the way he trusts me. It’s just going to take awhile, that’s all. Do you understand?”

    Sixshot’s eyes are open. He has been listening to everything Sari was saying. Bumblebee looks at Sari and smiles.

    Bumblebee: “Yes, I understand.”

    Sari smiles and hugs Bumblebee.

    Sari: “Thank you, Bumblebee.”

    Bumblebee: “Do you…do you think he’d like me to be his friend?”

    Sari looks up at Bumblebee.

    Sari: “I think he’d like that. Go over to him; maybe try to meditate with him.”

    Bumblebee: “But…what if he doesn’t want to…”

    Sari: “He will. He’s my friend, and he can be your friend, too. Just give him a chance, please, for me?”

    Bumblebee: “…Okay.”

    Bumblebee takes a deep breath and walks over to Sixshot.

    Bumblebee: “Uh, hi…Sixshot.”

    Sixshot: “…Hello, Honeycomb.”

    Bumblebee: “Uh, yeah, it’s Bumblebee, actually.”

    Sixshot: “Right…sorry…I guess.”

    Bumblebee looks at Sari. Sari nods her head.

    Bumblebee: “So…um…do you mind if I…you know…meditate with you?”

    Sixshot opens his eyes and looks at Bumblebee. He looks over at Sari. Sari nods her head and smiles.

    Sixshot: “……Yeah, alright.”

    Bumblebee: “Oh, okay, thanks.”

    Bumblebee sits down next to Sixshot and closes his eyes. Sari watches Bumblebee and Sixshot meditate together. She wipes a tear from her eye and goes back inside.

    The end
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    i think bumblebee would be more fidgety when he's meditating than when he's standing still:D 
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    Your at it again, man, your good at this!!!!
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    I love it awesome work keep it up!

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