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  1. takedown334

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    Lately, Ive been sad, because I know there is no chance my favorite type of Firetruck will be made in Transformers, A Heavy Rescue. First, Hasbro doesnt want wasted space or plastic, it's expensive (so command bases are a thing of the past). Second reason is "What kid would want a firetruck that doesnt have any moving parts in vehicle mode? (ie: Ladder, squirt gun, working lights or a Q2B Siren). All that a Rescue truck carries is specialized tools for any type of rescue, so that would be boring for a kid. Ratchet from the movie is the closest to a Heavy Rescue, he would be considered a Light Rescue, not an Ambulance.

    I thought I would finally be able to use my favorite created name RES-Q, but then I thought it would be kinda kewl to have the same sort of concept name as his brother's "Wreck-Gar" and so I though of WREX-Q. I'm still torn between the two, so I'll have a poll. He would be a probie firefighter (Rookie, like his brother). His unit number would be Rescue 2B ('to be' after his probationary tour is up). So while I stared at my new Wreck-Gar yesterday. I decided to start the brainstorming. I only have one Wreck-gar so I wasnt going to start doing too many modifications on this one.

    First, I carefully popped off the Trash-container lifter arms. Next, I used a 1:24th scale vector Light Bar, since the scale isnt really an issue with this style of Animated Alt modes. They have an over-morphed playschool vehicle feel to them anyway. That would also explain the box-utility body frame seems filled and looks stuffed. The light bar is tucked away nice and neat while in robot mode. Next, his weapons he comes with already looks like a pair of "Jaws of life". and in robot mode. His backpack looks like a generator for the jaws of Life, so I started looking for a piece of hose. So far I havent found one that works yet, but until then I use a Clone Trooper's rappeling rope.

    Now, for the modifications for a later date. I thought the "dump truck" indentations on the side were remenisant of roll-up compartment doors, just need to paint them silver with lines painted across like on the rear of Wreck-gar's vehicle mode. Also, one of the trash container lifter arms sockets could be used to have an extendable light tower for night rescues. Next, I thought about how I could change his face. Cover up the goatee, and fill out the mustache a bit. Trim off the chin and the television handle. Cut off the TV attenae and use it for a mouthpiece for a Radio Headset, so his head would look like a cb radio instead of a television. Then all he would need is a Fire Department's Paint scheme to finish the effect.

    Alternate Mode Scan Model: Wichita Fire Department: Heavy Rescue 4

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  2. Ezilla82

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    Well I like the name RES-Q its more creative than Wrex-Q, because Wrex-Q sounds more like he could be Wreck-Gar's twin to me so hopefully that explains why I chose the other name instead.
  3. OhSlag!

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    you could probably go wreck up some cheap fire vehivcle models or toys for some awesome addition to the sides... like moving ladders and other fire equipment

    oh and turning his handheld weapon deal into some sort of hose or other anti-fire tool would be snazzy aswell

    good luck and i can't wait to the the finsihed bot.... oh and Res-q sounds more like an autobot name
  4. Superquad7

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