animated optimus prime vs lugnutz supreme trio with rotf forest battle theme?

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    has anyone else tried mixing background music from the transformer animated movie/live action movie soundtracks with cmoa/cmoe/cmotj scenes from transformers animated seasons 1, 2, and 3?

    cmoa as in crowning moments of awesome

    cmoe =crowning moments of epic

    cmotj=crowning moments of tearjerker

    for example the forest battle theme with the optimus vs lugnutz supremes 3 on 1 fight

    check this out

    transformers animated season 3 endgame part 2 part 1/2

    YouTube - End Game Part 2 1/2

    with this video set at 238 time wise

    play this video as the background music for the fight

    YouTube - Transformers ROTF Score Forest Battle

    seeing feral/psychopath/badass optimus prime go 3 on one with starscream grindor and megatron in rotf is one thing

    but seeing animated optimus prime actually go 3 on 1 with the lugnutz supreme trio in a fight to the death with the magnus hammer is taking it to the next level of awesome and then some

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