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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by microclone, Jun 27, 2008.

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    i have but seven. bulk, grim, lug, voyager prime, BA, cyb prime, ratchet. regarding their actual transformations.

    most ingenious TF.

    well i'd go for ratchet, its amazing how that rather big robot fits into that rather tiny vehicle mode, his TF is varied which keeps it interesting, parts fold, some you pull, some you push (gut), well you know what i mean, compared to say BA theres a bit more going on.


    easy, thats bulkhead, theres virtually no 'squeeze and line up' and the sequence has just a few distinct steps.

    most difficult.

    cybertron prime, there is a bit of the squeeze and line up esp with his arms and including his axe in vehicle mode makes things line up better but still perhaps tricky for a child. still satisfying though and not annoying as with movie toys.

    least engaging TF.

    Id say BA, i like both modes, i just dont find the Tf sequence as fun.

    most fun to transform.

    ratchet is the most interesting but id say that the one i like tf'ing the most is grimlock.

    lugnut and voyager prime, these two are somewhere in the middle, both simple to TF, satisfying and with variety, lugnuts probably the second easiest to TF.

    so how do you rate your animated in terms of their actual transformations?

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