Minor/Repaint: Animated legends Optimus Prime

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    One of the many pet peeves I have about Legends Transformers, is while they're so cool and so unique in their own right, sometimes their transformations are a little off, leaving some robot parts out there in the open. Therefore, I did a mod to Legends Optimus Prime from the Animated family.

    The first picture illustrates how the vehicle mode looks before modding

    The second shows after modding

    This one shows a before and after pic. Left foot when unmodded and right foot after modding.

    Finally a look at how both feet should look once you trim away the excess plastic.

    Before cutting, you'll notice on your figure that the area where the foot connects to the bottom of the leg is seamless. However you can wedge a small exacto knife right in there and shave out that part. Then the feet can be pushed all the way down for firetruck mode. Its not much of a mod, but it does the trick.

    Edit: Sorry for grainy/bad photos, as they were taken with a Nintendo 3DS.

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