2D Artwork: Animated First Aid

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    Name: First Aid
    Function: Caretaker
    "A standard-unit of caring is worth a kilo-unit of cure."

    Unlike Autobots like Ratchet, First Aid never experienced the horrors of war personally. Rather than work as a field medic during the Great War, it was his job to patch up those who made it back from the front lines. What he did see was the effects it had on his patients, and as a result, he took on a warm, caring personae to ease their trauma. He continues his work to this day in the Cybertron Central Infirmary, working with those who were permanently damaged during the war, as well as with Autobots who return home injured from missions in deep space. First Aid works both as a surgeon and as a rehabilitation technician.

    * Arms contain built in surgical tools.
    * Skilled surgeon and counselor.


    Okay, this was done in pen and colored pencil obviously. The transformation is based off of Cybertron Red Alert. I tried to emphasize the "warm family doctor" mental image I had for him, so he's sort of got a pair of glasses and a bit of a rounder, squarer build than Ratchet does. All in all, I'm rather proud of how he came out.

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    nice, i like that you made it a more "rounded" it achieves the look of a caring doc. The stance looks strong as well. I think the face could have been done a little bit better, but overall its a great piece of art!

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