Animated Arcee (glossy) MOSC

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Hoskimus Prime, Jul 7, 2010.

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    I know she's gotten more common as of late... but I'm looking to sell a sealed Animated Arcee figure (glossy finish). Make an offer via PM (note: I won't accept any offers below $12).

    I haven't done any sales, trades, etc. on this site yet, but I use eBay often (mostly for buying) and I have a solid reputation (positive feedback: 100% - feedback score: 70).

    I would be willing to consider a trade (either as the whole exchange or with $$ to make up the price difference)...

    Things I am looking for:
    - Softimus Prime & Slumblebee (the G1 styled "transforming" plush)
    - a replacement "smoke stack" piece for Ultimate Battle Classics Optimus Prime
    - Botcon 2010 SG Ravage
    - Recon Ravage
    - Armada Galvatron
    - Heroes of Cybertron figures with card (any)
    - Endless Battle Micron Booster (Japan): Radrogue or Detectas

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