animated and RiD sale!! come n get 'em!!!!

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    Hey gang, so I'm in a little bind, and am in need of some extra cash now(what else is new..) So I'm selling all of animated and RiD stuff. All RiD stuff I have are show characters. Most everything is complete but a couple of figures, I know that my red sideburn is missing the little gold gun, and one of the spy changers is missing it's gun (sorry don't know which it is) animated stuff is pretty much everything except for voyager bulkhead, the sunstorm repaint, shadow blade megs, and leader bulkhead's been modded so that the missile racks on his arms could be taked on and off, and voyager megs has been repainted in a darker gray. Prices are: leaders $35, vayagers $20, deluxes $10. Prices for RiD are large figures are $30, medium figures are $15, deluxe sized figures are also $10, and small figures are $6. PM me with inqiuries as I tend to sometimes forget about these threads I start, :lol .

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