An interesting glitch i found in WFC...

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    Jul 3, 2011
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    OK, so in WFC in the level Iacon Destroyed I found a way to skip a wave of those holo brutes in the Zeta Prime boss battle.

    1. After the battle in the streats, rip the nucleon shock cannon of it's mounting
    2. Defeat the titan but still have at least 2 bullets in the cannon
    (I found this out today. If you forgot to rip the cannon off the mounting, on HARD when you kill the titan he might drop a NSC)
    3. Go through the rest of the level
    4. Durring the Zeta Prime boss battle, melee the holo brutes if you have 2 bullets left. If you have more: go ahead. Shot them, but still have 2 bullets left
    5. The first two times Zeta's core charges, shoot it with the NSC.

    If you complete this correctly, the core should be destroyed the second time you shoot it (and give an interesting dialogue extange) insted of the third

    (I dont know if this works on hard. I know it works on the first 2 difficultys)

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