an idea for a energon optimus prime kitbash

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    people i got a question

    would it be possible to salvage grand scourge's

    entire chest and use it to completely replace bruticus maximus armored chest for barricades vehicle mode and for the combiner core body with bruticus maximus's head being swapped out for grand scourges head and barricades head being swapped out for powerlinx energon optimus primes head?

    the reason i am asking this is because i believe it would be entirely possible to kitbash energon duststorm and wideload

    with one being bashed into a ladder fire engine while the other would be bashed into a submarine or submersible with energon bonecrusher
    being bashed up into the drill tank.

    with blackout being used for the hilicoptor limb

    basicly people this would be an attempt to thoroughly recreate energon optimus prime and his combiner limb drones

    as a true five memeber combiner team.

    me i figure a modded set of omega prime fists could be used to give the fire engine and the submersible limb a true set of hands to work with as arms while the helicoptor and the drilltank would serve as the legs.

    as for naming the drone limb figures.

    i would use blades for the helicoptor

    nosecone for the drilltank

    seaspray for the submersible

    and hotspot for the ladder fire engine.

    or one could just as easily paint all five figures up into being an alternate take on the grand scourge model figure.

    what are your thoughts on the matter people.
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    Grand scourge was the size of a delexue when combined he was a model kit.

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