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    Selling or Trading... ((Cash Price does not reflect Trade Price, In other words if you want to BUY it it's cheaper then if you want to trade for it.))

    TF Generations MOC
    Megatron 10.00
    Soundwave x2 10.00 each
    Blurr 12.00

    Reveal the Shield
    Jazz ((Spec Ops)) 12.00

    Halo Reach
    Emile 10.00
    Carter 10.00
    Kat 12.00
    Six 12.00
    Elite Officer 10.00
    White CQC Spartan 10.00
    Spartan CQC vs Elite 2pk 22.00
    UNSC Airborne 2pk 22.00
    Skirmisher x3 10.00 each

    Marvel Universe Target Exclusive 2 packs
    Spider-man vs Goblin x2 8.00 each
    Wolverine vs Hand Ninja 8.00

    WWE Classics
    Stone Cold
    Ultimate Warrior
    Ricky the Dragon Steamboat
    etc. ((All Series))

    All Stars 2 Packs
    etc. ((All Series))

    I also have Real Ghostbusters by Kenner, Retro Action Ghostbusters, etc. If interested let me know. I do have feedback here and on Ebay.

    Trade for...
    Halo items, TMNT ((NrMint+)), MOTU, Ghostbusters, 80s stuff

    When trading don't quote me the highest Ebay BIN ((For an item not selling)) or I will do the same.

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