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    people i got a question when it comes to the fan club combiner team sets

    how would it go over with the fanbase if hasbro, botcon and the club went in together in recycling the bruticus, superion and constructicon maximus combiner sets in such a way that through as simple a thing as pairing up the appropriate combiner core body figure with the proper limb figures in additon to applying a slight bit of partswapping in some part so that said combiner limb figure becomes with the appropriate paintjob a g1 or japanese g1 combiner team character with it being a more modern day take on said g1 character

    for example

    energon terradive minus upper arm mounted rear wings plus classics astrotrain's main wings and rear mounted center wing and the proper paint job would make him a more modern day take on battle gaia's shuttle gunner or car robots valdigus's shuttler

    give it a fist piece to plug into the underside of the figures foot with the figures lower waist joint and hips serving as a double jointed elbow and the ankle joint serving as the wrist and u would have a rather decently posable multijointed arm limb

    basicly in short the whole idea would be to effectivly recycle those 3 energon combiner teams into being fully more modern day combiner sets in which each club combiner set is meant to be a more modern day take on the japanese exclusive g1 combiners such as battle gaia, liokaiser and landcross

    with it being done where possible in a cost effective manner when it comes to the bit about salvaging parts from one figure mold in which said salvaged parts would need very little to no changes made whatsoever mold wise to make the parts entirely intercompatible with the parts they would replace on the main figure along with the ocasional combiner head being remolded fore the combiner core body figures combiner form

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