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    Tracks n Grimlock. Both for $90. s/h included.
    Also for sale is Cybertron Unicron. $20 s/h included. Grimlock has instructions.
    They are all complete.
    Also for sale:
    Armada Wheeljack, Blurr, Smokescreen and Sideswipe without minicons otherwise complete with stickers. Will take $20 for the 4. s/h=$10
    Armada Terrorsaur WITH minicon Ironhide $20
    Energon Omnibot Strongarm complete $5
    ROTF Megatron, Lockdown, Soundwave, Bludgeon, HA Sideswipe, Blazemaster, Mudflap,Skids, Terradive, Dirge.
    Universe Cyberjets Air Raid and Wind Sheer.

    I have tons of Lego on ebay: thebestdarnjedi | eBay

    Will trade for Armada minicons, and MMPR stuff and Batman stuff.

    Only USA plz. I don't ship abroad.

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