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    Dec 7, 2002
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    BT Overdrive. £25
    BT Shockwave. £30.
    MIB BT Sideswipe. Some paint chipping and cracking shoulder hinge. £15.
    MIB BT Sideswipe. Slight paint chipping. £20.
    MIB BT Silverstreak. Some light scratches. £20.
    MIB BT Arcee. £25.
    MUB BTA Sunstreaker. £25.
    BT MIB Dead End. Crack in box window. £25.
    MIB BT Skids. £25.
    MIB Alt Hot Rod. £20.
    MIB Alt Windcharger. £15.
    MIB Alt Swerve. £40.
    MIB Alt Wheeljack. £15.

    Movie figures:
    ROTF Leader Prime MIB £18.

    Comics (all offers considered):
    Mini War Within vol 1.
    Dreamwave W vols 1, 2, & individual issues to #24 or whatever the last one was.
    IDW Beast Wars first arc (forget the name).
    IDW Infiltration, Escalation, Devastation, etc.
    Ultimate X-men #70 - #95 or so)

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