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    Hi, I haven't been actively collecting Transformers for some time now, and have sold many off in lots on EBay. I have some odds and ends I'm still looking to get rid of, and thought this would be the best place to go. I except money orders only, NO Paypal, cash or checks. Feel free to contact me at: if interested...thanks for looking!

    Here are some, more to be added.

    Transformers Alternators: All are out of their boxes and have only been transformed a couple of times.

    Sideswipe - $20
    Dead End - $20
    Smokescreen - $20
    Silverstreak - $20

    Generation 1

    Grotesque - Light sticker wear, includes gun and 2 wings. - $35
    Chromedome - Sticker wear, some scuffing on windshield, includes Headmaster partner and 2 guns. - $35
    Weirdwolf - No stickers, missing tail/sword. Gun and Headmaster partner are included. - $25


    Optimus Prime (Tractor only) - $15
    Skywarp - Missing Minicon, and one shoulder launcher...not sure what else he is supposed to have, so what you see is what you get. - $15
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