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    Despite the fact that I live in the somewhat transformer desert for the good stuff that is the UK, I have managed to get all of the Alternators releases thus far. I only await the goodness of SDCC Rodimus and BT18 Mirage to complete...

    However I have to keep them all stashed away from my wee loonies (little boys) for obvious reasons and do not have room to display how I would like at this time. In my effort to reduce the overall space that my collection takes up I am looking for some cases to keep them in which are smaller than the original packaging. (I don't intend to keep them MISB or even MIB as I enjoy them far too much to waste them like that!). What sort of cases do you lot use to show them off? Individually or in bot mode that is.

    Also could one of you lovely chaps or chapesses give me the dimensions, smallest and largest or average, of the vehicle modes, please? This might help me reduce the overall space that they take up in their original boxes and make room for more! ;) 

    Thanks muchly.

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