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    what is an alternative ending would would want to see to the end of one of the series, whether it be major or small.

    mine is, at the end of the last episode of beast machines, when the maximals wake up, waspinator is with them but with a new technorganic body too(maybe one like his animated look). he is frustrated and angry but cheetor speaks to him and waspinator decides to be good and join them.

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    this is just my idea for how the 80's aimated transformers movie should have ended

    at the very least i believe it gives optimus prime a much more fitting role to exist in beyond his death in the movie itself

    basicly his role beyond the movie for season 3 g1 would be that of the ghostly disinbodied warrior or spirit gaurdian as one could also term the role

    for anyone who is familier with thundercats

    basicly optimus primes role in the heirafter will be that of jagga's character to rhodimus's liono

    optimus prime would instead continue to exist in the living world as a ghostly spiritual advisor to rhodimus prime.

    as for the song for this scene it is

    faith of the heart.

    Faith of the Spark - An Optimus Prime Tribute - YouTube

    Rodimus Prime stood before a balcony, trying to determine what to say to his allies, who had accepted him as leader and bearer of the Matrix. He didn't think himself worthy, but conditions had refused him any other option.

    So there he stood. A new age is upon us now. By banding together, Mecha, Femme, Junkion, Human, and even Orphans we have saved our very existence. We have saved our Universe, preserved our way of life, destroyed the greatest threat to our known and unknown universe, and sent an army bent on conquest to the far reaches of known territory. this day is the beginning of a new age, an age of peace and harmony

    Opening his mouth, he finally found the right thing to say. "Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian Wars, as we march forward to a new age of peace and happiness. Till all are one!" and with that thought voiced aloud he contemplated the past. we will remember those who we traveled with.

    He thought to himself, To the last hour, the last day, the last mile of the road we travel. until the day when all are one. "I don't know if I will ever be the great leader that you were, Rhodimus Prime thought to himself, but for sure I’ll give it my best shot" "rest in peace Optimus Prime." He said to himself. Rest in peace, father

    "Till all are one!" repeated the gathered Autobots. Kup, Springer, and Arcee joined hands with Wreck-Gar, who was to become the first ally in this new era. "Till all are one!". "Till all are one!" "Till all are one!" repeated the gathered Autobots. Kup, Springer, and Arcee joined hands with Wreck-Gar, who was to become the first ally in this new era. "Till all are one!". " Cheering, the gathered crowd repeated the statement at ear shattering volume. “TILL ALL ARE ONE!”

    Leaving the partying crowd, the new Prime walked off on his own, but was soon found by ultra magnus, who gave him a pat on the back “We did it Roddy, we won. The Decepticons are scattered, their leader has been deactivated permanently, and you’re the new Prime. Optimus would be proud of you…I know I am.” Sighing softly, Rodimus turned his optics to his old friend, a line of fluid running down his cheek. “Would he be magnus? I’m the reason he's dead, and nothing I do will ever remove that taint from my Spark.”

    “But Roddy….”“No buts magnus. I know I never intended for it to happen but just the same i have only myself to blame for his passing. nothing you or anyone else tells me will ever change that otherwise. i can only hope that i can in some small way prove myself worthy of this role he has bestowed upon me. perhaps i can redeem myself by my actions in life from this moment forward.

    Looking towards the heavens, Rodimus sighed and wiped the fluid from his optics.” I hope I’m doing the right thing Optimus. I know you’re up there….please guide me to do the right thing.” "If- if you don't feel ready for this, we can wait . . ," he murmured.

    The Autobot leader shook his head and rested one hand on his chest, directly above the flames emblazoned there. The seams of his chestplate seemed to glow with a supernatural azure light- the light of the Matrix, ultra magnus suddenly realized- and Rodimus's face softened. A gentle smile lit his face as the fear in his optics bled away into an eerie calm. ultra magnus felt chills run down his body; it suddenly seemed as though the two of them were no longer alone in the area. the air began to shimmer around them, the area in front of them became bathed in a blinding white light.

    slowly ever so slowly ,but surely the light began to take shape and form in front of them. the features were blurry at first as it began to slowly, take one hesitant step and then another step away from the light emminating from behind it. someone was walking towards them from the other side of the matrix. magnus could sense more then see who it was.

    a legendary warrior stood before them tall and proud in the very same brilliant glowing red, white and blue colors he had so very proudly woren in his life. the incredible vast age which had for so long ravaged his being in life was no longer visable on his face and body. the hero had returned toi them with his youth restored to him in full. he stood there next to Rhodimus holding out his left hand. Rodimus lifted his hand off his chest and laid it back by his side. The hand was reflexively clenched in a half-fist, like a small child's hand as it grasps the hand of it's parent.

    the father was there for his son plainly visable to the both of them not entirely solid but physical enough to be felt by the 2 of them.

    my brother, my comrade, my friend may you rest in peace magnus thought as he saw his brothers spiret standing before them as alive and lively as he had ever been in life, even his horrible injuries from his final battle had been fully healed. turning to face his living brother and the newly risen prime, the ghostly legend continued to stare at each of them, taking in their forms with his unblinking optics as though he were commiting to his eternal memmory the appearance of his still living brother and his personel living heir

    "when i am gone" came the unspoken words to each of their minds, "my power will fill each of you" spoke the ghost to each of them by telepathy as the ghost continued to speak "use it well , rule with wisdome , rule with kindness , rule with honor with compassion, with justice and with mercy for those who are our allies as well as those who were once our enemies".

    as the ghost turned his head his gaze fell upon his brother "fear not my brother peace has come at last to our world",

    "I'm ready, 'magnus. Do what you have to." "

    But- are you sure?" He shook his head, the faint smile still playing on his lips. "It's all right. After all," and the Matrix light flickered and strengthened, "I'm not alone.". time would eventually heal his wounds and he would come to terms with it and prove to be worthy of his new role in life. The sun rises over Cybertron The Autobots had won, but rebuilding the wreck that Cybetron had become would take years, and the Decepticons were not extinct, only driven away. There would be years of hardship ahead, but the large-scale war had finally ended.

    Some time later, we see a large round table. Seated there are Rhodimus, Arcee, Soundwave, Cyclonus, Kup, ultra magnus, springer, Scourge, Grimlock, and Blitzwing. We hear Rhodimus's voice: "It was a world transformed. Things were not what they seemed." We see a new symbol on the command center of Cyberton--a combination of the Autobot and Decepticon symbols.

    "After the last Cybertronian war there was peace at last. Autobot and Decepticon met each other as equals, and finally there was lasting peace." "For those who tried to manipulate us. . ." We see the ruins of of the Hall of leaders, most especially the remains of Galvatrons cruiser. ". . .and those who tried to dominate us. . ." We see the remains of Unicrons body floating through space. ". .And the worst among us were gone at last. We see a tomb dedicated to Megatron greatest leader of the Decepticons ..We were the masters of our own destiny. We had reached the end of the road, and the road led to a new road, a road traveled as one. And we will look to the horizon with hope. . ." We see Springer and Arcee with a smaller robot, possibly theirs. ". . .we will remember those who we traveled with. . ." We pan a hall of fallen warriors--Ironhide, Ratchet , Huffer, Brawn, Wheeljack, Windcharger, Tracks, Raul, Prowl, Optimus Prime and thier fellow autobots who gave their lives for the cause at autobot city are represented as statues as well as Thundercracker, Skywarp and Megatron in the hall of hero's ". .To the last hour, the last day, the last mile of the road we travel. . ." The sun rises over Cybertron. ". . until the day when all are one. . ."
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    The Alternative end for One Shall Rise part 3 Optimus Prime never got amnesia,but Megatron does to belived himself as The Brave Autobot Megastorm!
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    RID Scourge actually takes away Megatron/Galvatron/Gigatron's leadership and thus gives a better reason for Skybyte and even the Pred Trio to join forces with the Autobots.

    Also Energon where Demolishor and Inferno stayed dead and Starscream was still the Armada charecter and the writers knew what they were doing.

    DOTM with the truce ending and more scenes with a sympathethic Megatron.
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    for g1 tfs 's 4 ending and beigging of s5
    optimus prime and some autobots come power masters and kids come autobots headmaster jrs

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