Alternate Sword Casts for Revoltech Prime

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    Hello all... I would like to present to you all a project I have been testing out using different combinations of color dyes with a clear urethane (84 durometer... rigid, as in not that flexible). Every sword is compatible with the Revoltech Optimus Prime. I will allow the photos to "speak" for themselves.





    I can only cast one sword per day, as the urethane takes a full 24 hrs to cure.
    For the 2011 year's end, I can only make a total of 20 swords.

    So here's the deal:

    a) One sword, one color: $15 shipped
    b) 1 set (two swords), one color: $25 shipped
    Sorry I won't paint the swords unless all gold or silver.

    To order, please send me a PM. Include the following details:

    1. TFW2005 username
    2. Real Name
    3. Mailing Address
    4. Quantity

    Orders will be fulfilled after Paypal payment has been received. Please send payment via Paypal to:
    I will PM you once I have your order packaged and sent.




    I am offering to anyone, a one-time only whole set package deal,
    of all 16 swords in the photo below (minus the original in the center) for $200 USD shipped. All swords in that photo are ready for immediate shipment!

    Here is the breakdown of what is in this photo, clockwise from the top right:
    • 2 trans red
    • 1 trans red with solid black
    • 1 clear with trans red
    • 1 all clear
    • 1 painted silver
    • 1 metallic bronze
    • 2 painted metallic gold
    • 1 dark energon purple
    • 1 trans purple
    • 1 clear with purple swirls
    • 1 trans blue
    • 1 trans green
    • 1 clear with green swirls
    • 1 trans yellow

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    so i went ahead and got a few of these from Savio-Prime, 3 of them actually. i ordered an Orange(similar to the stock sword) Opaque/translucent Purple, and a Blue/Yellow Translucent. they are EXCELLENT Quality pieces, as if they actually came with the figure. the joints fit perfect into the swords, no looseness at all, actually i think they fit tighter than the normal sword. its just fun to have some options with this Prime figure, and i plan on getting a few more colors here from him soon.

    i posted a few pics, sorry the quality SUCKS, i just did it with my camera phone real fast because i saw he finally got this thread up and i wanted to post the ones i have already received from him.

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