Heavy/Scratch: Alt Ultra Magnus Update 01

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Kouri, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Well, here's the latest update on this guy. Been a while since the previous thread, but a few things've come from it.

    The neck post had to be replaced after using it for my Classics Ultra Magnus. Not a real loss, as I managed to use the post from the socket I used on this guy's head, so it's a much better fit. Accidentally installed to look down, modded to look up as well.

    New piece to the rifle - a nice back made from some random Energon weapon. I need to make it so that it actually pegs into the front portion, rather than just sitting in back with friction.

    Arms are being extended to fit into the alt mode (like the wrist wheels? =3). The first completed arm. . . needs to be redone. Didn't realize this until I tried a test fit of the alt mode (photos when I fix the arm and make the hood a bit more permanent). The basic process is to cut the forearm in two, krazy glue a measured length of plastic to get the determined length of forearm, fill in the gap with FIXIT-Sculpt, and pry off the measuring plastic.

    Matrix chamber is being redone. Not sure how the doors are going to be done this time around, but access to the Matrix is much simpler - the entire chest assemble can swing down. I just need to build a mount (where the engine goes - eep) for the Matrix to sit in.

    Upper legs need to be extended and some modification will be done to the built-in extension mechanism. A few things'll be smoothed out so that it can only click in and out - no clicks in between. The longer upper legs out to make this guy nice n tall, as well as proportioned (sorta X3).

    The chest DOES NOT part-form. My idea is that if it doesn't become an accessory, it shouldn't come off without excessive force. If I wanted a part-forming toy, I'd buy some LEGOs. >.> RiD Magnus donated a nice piece to accomodate.

    Hood's just taped on right now, but I do like the idea of it folding all the way in back. Oddly enough, if it was yellow, I could see an SRT-10 Rodimus Prime. XP

    Yes, the armor/trailer is still planned, but I've got to get this bot sorted out first.

    Anything I'm missing? ^^;

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  2. mattarmstrong

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    dude love the rid head and the matrix
  3. StarFire_MK2

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    I don't really care for the head, but the rest of this is simply awesome!

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