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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by SharkyMcShark, May 8, 2007.

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    Right, so I just picked up my Alt Mirage for the first time this year (I think. Its been on my shelf for god knows how long...) and noticed the same problem as last year is still bugging me.

    Straight out of the box, ever since day 1, the joint where his leg meets his hip (the joint allowing forward and backward motion in his leg) is extremely loose, flopping all over the place. The joint in question is on his right side from the position of looking at him (see diagram below).


    Is there any way for me to fix or tighten this joint without a)breaking or damaging the toy or b)having to buy a new one? Usually I wouldnt ask but I have been supremely impressed with this mold so far and wish to have more 'hands on time' with it, as opposed to just putting it in some form of action pose and relegating it to my display shelf.

    I've taken the crotch piece apart already and tried to use some of my mothers clear nail polish top tighten the joint, but even after adequate drying time the joint has re floppified within minutes.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
    and thanks to bwtf for the pic

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    put a thicker coating on, and let it dry overnight (sure it dries faster, but it'll cure after more time)
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    Mine seems to have very loose shoulder joints. His hip joints on mine seem fine.

    But yeah, you can always use superglue. You have to be careful with it--what you do is apply it, put the parts on, then swivel the joint for a good five or so minutes. That will keep the superglue from setting, but it'll spread it evently within the joint piece. I've used that trick before too, but like just about everything else, it will eventually fade off. It just seems to last the longest of everything else.

    You could always jam a piece of folded paper in there too. Never took the hips apart, but that might help.

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