Alt Meister, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Tracks and Mirage

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    Yes, I know many of these are years late or have been covered individually by other users, but Im kind of in the mood to write a cumulative review right now, so here goes. Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Tracks, Meister (hereinafter referred to as Jazz), and Mirage are the pride of my collection. I know that they are common transformers that all you experienced collectors out there probably have, but considering each of them is nearly as good as they day they came out of the box (no chipping, dents, scratching, or discolouration) and each has no parts whatsoever missing (always my weakness when it comes to Transformers) they can assuredly take their place as the highlights of my relatively meagre collection (150 or so bots that are in working condition [ie no major parts missing, still transofmrs, not broken])


    Sunstreaker - My favourite from G1, so it was always going to have a soft spot with me. Other users have said that the vehicle mode doesnt hold together very well, and I've found this to be mildly true with mine aswell. Maybe its the lighter colouring, and I also dont have a Dead End to compare with... Anyway apart from that the vehicle mode looks great, and the colours really fit it well. The transformation scheme for the Vipers has always been my favourite for the alternators because its just so much more simple and easy to do without destroying anything that the other molds (then again I havent had any experience with the Mustangs, S2000, Dodge Ram or Acura molds either). The robot mode, while not as poseable as the other Alt. molds, look imposing, and the headsculpt, while a little 'rounded' is dead on. Personally I display with doors down G1 Sideswipe style, and if in an aciton pose sort of fan them out to the side a little. Overall a great car mode and a good bot mode, and is one of my favourite Alternators.

    Sideswipe - Of course, the fact that Sunstreaker is great is bolstered by the fact that I have his brother Sideswipe too. The 'non pimped out' Viper (if a Viper can ever be considered non pimped) suits the character well. Like I said before the transformation scheme is one of my favourites. The robot mode ooks imposing. The expression on his face is a little sombre, but I suppose he is a serious guy. I prefer the way that the Sideswipe chest comes together as opposed to the Sunstreaker Dead End method. Doors and down for display, G1 Sideswipe style. Overall Sideswipe was an Alternatos that I was going to get from the moment I saw its first test shots on the net. Even better on display with Sunstreaker.

    Tracks - Vehicle mode looks alright. A ncie shade of blue. Mine doesnt hold together perfectly aat the bonnet it must be said, but that alright cos this guy spends his time in robot mode anyway. The tranformation for this guy is in all reality painful. The top half of the body/back half of the car is well worked, but I can never transform the legs without feeling like I'm about to break or chip something. Robot mode looks imposing and dark, and I like the whole 'back half of car on shoulders' effect. The rocket launchers are nice but a bit unnecessary (I display with them down behind his back). Overall to good modes, its just a pain getting between the two.

    Jazz - Alt mode looks... alright. I suppoe im not overly wowed by it seeing as the other Alternators are all sporty exotic cars and Jazz is the only car that I would have any chance of really owning in real life... Anyway, while the vehicle mode didnt wow me it is very nice, the white works well on the Rx 8, and it does a bang up job of hiding the Robot mode and incorporating the weapon. THe transformation, while longwinded, is fairly simple and quite easy to master, with nothing being forced. Robot mode brings out more black in the colour scheme and this serves well as a highlighting colour. The weapon is ncie although it would have been nice it it didnt look so... hollow from one side. the only thing I can fault is the use of ratchet joints n the leg, something which I'm not a great fan of (I dont like the clicking oise they make...) Overall a worthy buy and a great homeage

    Mirage - This is, it seems, the pinnacle of the Alternators line. A brand new transformation and robot mode style that incorporates all the highlights of the previous Alternators, and deals with many of the faults of the previous Alternators. The vehicle mode is sleek and in my opinion coloured just right. The transformation is good for the most part and i just a tad tricky when it comes to hooking / unhooking the front of the car / arms frm the bonnet itself. The robot looks very intense. The highlight for me is the headsculpt. I really really love this headsculpt for some reason. Apart from that the toy is amazingly articulated, has minimal kibble troubles (the only slight exception being aroung the arms with the car doors hanging off the back), and has great weapons. Overall this is definately one of the best Alternators in the line,a dn I'd go as far as to say that if you could only get one, get this one as it epitmoises what the line should be all about.

    Hope that wasnt too much pointless reading for y'all :wink: 
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    I have a strong fondness for Sideswipe, as he was one of my first Transformers figures that I can recall. Despite having a transformation that resembles Sunstreaker's, his robot mode is tall and imposing and his serious look doesn't really conicide with his jovial side. It does fit his aggressive, jump in first attitude as has been evidenced in both cartoon and comics. The only thing that hampers the figure overall, is limited leg posability in robot mode.

    Sunstreaker is cool, and I think it is even cooler that despite not having any sponsorship decals or logos, that Hasbro released him as a 2003 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe. He is a straight repaint from the much earlier release of the Dead End figure, which isn't bad, as Dead End in the Binaltech story stole Sunstreaker's first body under production. In robot mode, as with Sideswipe, he has limited leg articulation, but awesome arm articulation.

    Mirage, as some may recall, I've written a detailed, in-depth, review of the figure. Having him being updated as a Ford GT, from a Ford built Ligier F1 race car, is an awesome homage if even by pure coincidence. His vehicle mode is just so gorgeous it is difficult to transform him and violate his gorgeous lines. In robot mode, he is tall and has awesome articulation. He is first in the Alternators line when it comes to posability, followed closely by Skids. His engine not only forms his gun, but two seperate guns giving him a bit of extra firepower.

    Tracks. Wow. I'm very glad that HasTomyTak managed to keep him as a Chevrolet Corvette. Originally, as some may know, he was going to be based on the Dodge Viper. I would've bought it since I love Tracks, but I'm glad they kept him as a Corvette. Mine pins together well in vehicle mode, but I wish they could've kept a bit more seemless. The lines down his hood and rear sort of disrupt his "disguise" and give him away. In robot mode, he is limited in the articulation department due to kibble, but makes up for it by being the most heavily armed Autobot in the line.

    Jazz, well, he has a somewhat bland vehicle mode because of the color, but his robot mode is very solid. I like it that he has a substantial weapon, and that his head is very reminiscent of the original cartoon version. He is a geat homage and I throughly like him. If you add a decal set, he is even a better homage and looks better.
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    Nice reviews! Concise and informative.

    Nice to see Alternators still getting some love. Seems like everyone has forgotten them in favor of Classics. I'm really a fan of all the figure you reviewed except for Tracks. I still like him a lot, but his lower legs bother me for some reason.... I think because they don't swivel, and the feet look kind of small and silly.

    But I love the ex-Lambo brothers! I guess they're the Viper Brothers now!

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