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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by takedown334, Dec 16, 2006.

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    Im a first time custom builder. For the past 6 months I've been wow'ed and awed at most of the customs that has been posted here. So this past week I started my first custom. Labeling a Meister (Mazda RX-8) as a Wichita PD SCAT unit, attaching a vector lightbar and a bumper ram. I only need to paint the lightbar with clear red and blue paint, also paint his face with a more clear bronze look to be complete. I hope to put pictures up here soon, along with the secret identity of this custom, if I can only find a computer compatible camera.

    So now for my question, For my 2nd custom I would like it to be almost as easy as my first. I have been in the planning stages of this one for at least 6 months. Im taking Ricochet (Subaru Impreza) and painting the roof, trunk, and hood along with the air intake completely white. I've followed Superquad's advice about taking it apart and putting it together several times. So when Im done painting and drying I can put it back together easily without any lost pieces. Tho I need advice on spray paint since superquad has not had experience in that area. Also the Alternators are handled and transformed frequently, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Also I may need some advice on picture taking and posting since I am not familiar with the program to post pics.
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    Krylon Fusion seems to be a good choice for spray painting items that will get used.

    I've not used the Fusion paint myself, but I've used Testor's spray enamel on this custom, which turned out OK:

    I put some guidelines in that thread that I used to paint the truck body panels. Hope some of this helps!
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    For a lot of help working on customs - and especially if this is your first time working on one - check out the Exhaustive Kitbasher's Resource at the top of this forum! :) 

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