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    Considering that their are 5 Alt. decepticons (excluding Nemisis), which Alt. Autobots would best match the decepticons? Please consider leadership, sculpt, head sculpt, and possability!
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    So you want us to pair up an Alt. Decepticon with an Alt. Autobot? This is how I'd pair'em up.

    - Ravage (Saboteur-Corvette) versus Overdrive (Strategist-S2000)
    Ravage is hijacking the timeline and Overdrive has the ability to detect changes in the timeline, so its natural they would be rivals/enemies.

    -Shockwave (Military Operations Commander-RX8) versus Grimlock (Lieutenant Commander-Mustang)
    Both serve as second-in-command to their respective leaders. Makes sense they'd be rivals. Almost put Meister here instead of Grimlock but Grimlock outranks him in the BT storyline.

    -Swindle (Munitions Exper-Jeep) versus Hound (Scout-Jeep)
    You got a rather pacifist and environmental Autobot versus a war-mongering-opportunistic Decepticon. What more could you want? Plus the share the same alt mode.

    -Dead End (Soldier-Viper) versus Sideswipe (Warrior-Viper)
    Both are just typical soldiers that share the same alt-mode-- makes sense to be rivals, I think.

    -Decepticharge (Soldier?-S2000) versus Tracks (Warrior-Corvett)
    Seems like both of these guys have really fast alt-modes and they are both warriors/soldiers so its seems like a good match.

    -Nemeis Prime (Leader?-Ram SRT) versus Optimus Prime (Leader-Ram SRT)
    Before Nemesis appeared, I had Ravage as my Decepticon Alt leader. But thats no longer the case and its seems like an obvious choice to make these two rivals.
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    Dead End vs. Sunstreaker - Dead End stole 'Streaker's body, you know there's gotta be some anger there.

    Swindle vs. Prowl - Thief/con artist and a cop, obvious match up.

    Ravage vs. Skids - Becase I fondly remember that issue of Marvel's G1 comic series.

    Shockwave vs. Grimlock - I don't really consider Grimlock the leader of my Alts (that'd be Prowl, at least until I get Optimus), but he's the only one truly badass enough to take on Shockwave.

    Decepticharge vs. Swerve - Two toys I didn't consider worth wasting $20 on.
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    Brandon, Florida
    Let's see, I'd say...

    Dead End Vs. Sunstreaker: As someone else said, you've got Dead End stealing Sunstreaker's body. Streaker is increadably vain and I'd say his arrogance and vanity wouldn't stand by and let some putz like Dead End have a copy of his original body.

    Swindle Vs. Mirage: The opportunist Decepticon with many underworld connections goes up against the Autobot Counter Intelligence expert.

    Ravage Vs. Overdrive: Ravage, who is messing with the Timeline, goes up against Overdrive, the Omnibot Commander that can sense disturbances in the fabric of space-time.

    Shockwave Vs. Grimlock: Two badasses going head to head. That and Grimlock is a Lieutenant Commander.

    In my world, Decepticharge is a bunch of drone Decepticons created by Shockwave on Earth to even out the Autobots Vs. Decepticons numbers.
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    Well, I have a couple....

    Prowl vs. Shockwave, a bettle of the most logical tranformers for their factions.

    Dead End and Sunstreaker...the whole "stole my body thing"

    Sunstreaker vs. Decepticharge (Drag Strip) both competitive.

    I look at 20th Anniv (Masterpiece) Prime as the Alternator leader so I don't see the op vs Nemesis thing.

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