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    From time to time I think back to a scene in a movie whose name i can't recall and since Marcatron was helped perhaps I can be too...

    What I remember is that it was shown on the USA network I cannot say if it was a usa original, a direct to video movie or one that was released in the theatres. What I do know is that I must have been in 7th or 8th grade(2000-2002) as I remember the next day talking to a friend of mine who also watched the movie the night before. We both found one particular scene to be incredibly hilarious even if the rest of the movie wasn't as noteworthy.

    The setup of the movie is that there is a black protagonist(fresh out of jail?) being chased by a vindictive white cop antagonist for like the whole movie until the big reveal where the audience finds out why the cop is so vindictive when pulls down his pants in front of the protagonist(possibly in a courtroom?) turns out the protagonist injured the cop in the past somehow (shoot out? using a car as a weapon?) and now that cop has to wear the most ridiculous looking getup on his self underneath his clothes(I guess his junk is non functioning or no longer exists fueling his rage at the protagonist).

    I don't remember if that movie was generally funny or not or if that scene was "supposed" to be funny but I busted a gut laughing at the cop in that getup and so did my friend.

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