Alphas - The Syfy series.

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    Is anyone watching this? It's a series on that classic mold of "people with special gifts" [X-Men, Heroes, The 9900, e.t.c], but on a different way [somewhat].

    The series was even created by Zak Penn, scriptwriter of X2 and X3.

    The series focuses on a Government team of "Alphas" [the term used for this "gifted" people] that solve crimes involving "Alphas".

    The team is composed by: Bill, a FBI-agent with momentary super-strength [it lasts around five minutes because his body starts to break down after that time], Gary, an authistic kid that works as a "human satellite" [he can see/track any kind of signals, incluiding cellphones, cameras and TV], Rachel, a former CIA-linguistisc chick with amplified senses, Nina, who can control people's minds for brief periods of time, and Dr. Lee Rosen, a intelligente [human] doctor that leads the team].

    Their "enemy" is the movement known as "Red Flag", a shadowy terrorrist organization that uses "Alphas" within their ranks, their objectives are never clearly specified, but shades of it are constantly given.

    As usual, the series deals with the whole "Race-war is brewing" aspect [even though we are just five episodes into it], y'know, "human VS Superhumans", prejudice and that kind of thing.
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