All Energon Deluxe Scale Combiners Power Linkers(except Prime), 17 Minicon Weapons

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    I have four Energon Transformer auctions up which are ending in less than 2 days. More pics at auction links.

    9 TF Energon Deluxe Combiners - Hot Shot, Energon Hot Shot, Roadblock, Inferno, Prowl, Rodimus, Tow Line, Downshift, Universe Downshift 100%


    Superlink SC-23 Hot Shot Fire + Custom Energon Rodimus. I applied some black acrylic paint to Rodimus's power link mode so you can better make out his arms. The Takara Japanese version of Energon Hot Shot is far a better color match for Rodimus too.


    Transformers Energon PROWL and CHECKPOINT Swat team set


    17 TF Armada Minicons (Skyboom, Recolor Skyboom, Requiem Blaster, plus claw, missile and gun weapons!)


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