All-Call BT/Alternators Naming help!

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Cinemastique, Aug 14, 2008.

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    In my BT/Alt collection, I'm fond of turning alternate decos and Reprolabeled bots into different characters, to expand the line beyond what was produced. I know this isn't exactly a new concept, but I need some help brainstorming for characters!
    For now, let's talk police. All in all, character-wise, I have:

    Prowl- Subaru Reprolabels Prowl from BTA Alert with headswap.
    Red Alert- Acura Reprolabels Red Alert from Alt Prowl with headswap.
    Streetwise- Reprolabeled BTA Autorooper
    Autorooper- Stock BTA Autorooper

    Which leaves 3 police cars: Stock BTA Alert, Stock BT Prowl, and Stock Alternators Prowl in need of characters to be!

    With a Sideswipe headswap, Alternators Prowl could work well as Clamp Down, since Clamp Down was a redeco of Red Alert that had a deco very similar to Prowl.

    Other than that, as whom could these three Autobot cops be designated?
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    Ha, funny, I did most of the same conversions you did, and was consequently left with the same "extra" bots. :) 

    I kinda unofficially think of stock BT Prowl as Clampdown (and stock blue BT Prowl as Deep Cover). As for BTA Alert.... I agree, there aren't really any perfect matches. At various times I've thought of him as Inferno (even though he looks nothing like G1 Inferno, there was never an Alt Inferno... and in my mind I made the connection with Universe Inferno, who was a fire chief's car). I also considered calling him Stakeout, but Stakeout was a black and blue police car.... didn't really fit. Finally I just decided, eh, his name's Alert. Alert is a different, distinct character from Red Alert.

    As for stock Alt Prowl, I think of him as a Prowl clone, kinda like how Alt Smokescreen had clones. Or just an alternate version of Prowl. I never bothered to come up with a new name for him, but I don't display with my other Alts.... I have him in car mode hanging out with MP-04 Prime, which looks very G1. :) 

    Sorry, not much help, I know. Good luck!

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