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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Lone Cat, May 4, 2010.

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    As i am a fan of Youtube and love to watch reviews. i've seen alot of TF reviews. both of official release, and fanmade series (i guess one of fan soceities had make a deal with Hasbro/TakaraTomy to get a permission to make such thing. but... how much does the "license" costs?)... one of the fanmade that intrigues me is D.I.A. Powered Commander (and the term Diaclone was referred there)

    YouTube - Transformers FansProject D.I.A Powered Commander Diaclone Convoy Review

    And the reviewer said that Diaclone stands for "Defense Intelligence Agency Clones" ... (honest!).. and remember that. he reviews fanmade items not official TFs (even though it is designed to be the upgrade of official 2003(?) Universe Optimus Prime/ Henkei Henkei Convoy). and.... as far as I do know. the so-called "" is the owner of this project (and i believe they provided the backstoryline too!). The problem is. what is the backstory of the so called "Project Diaclone" as provided by the team?. i believe that the project is involved with the creation of Cybertrons clone army (as Destrons frequently make uses of numerous drones/clones).
    Another item that intrigues me is.. does this project a cooperation with human alliance?

    anyone here knows sir?
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    Not I, but I have a feeling that Chris McFeely will be able to help us!
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    I'm pretty sure it was just made as a throw-away reference to the D.I.A. / Powered Commander armor being based on the Diaclone/Diakron colorscheme, and that no additional information about the actual agency was included in the bio, as it was only a short tech spec kind of thing that alluded mostly to the character himself.

    The only other information given about the D.I.A. was that the Powered Commander project was performed "Under Deep Cover", IIRC.

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