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    Since the voyager universe2.0 prime and repaints came out I been looking for them with no avail so I found a good deal for the deluxe armada prime and nemesis and later magnus figured they would make good substitutes until the I got the othere

    here is were you guys come in both nemesis and prime were abit modded but ultra magnus wasnt well aleast thats what I think because they had also shaved of a part of the peg that was on the leg to give it more articulation and glued on the smoke stack apart from the following

    they had flipped over the the things were the hands are were the smokestacks are connected to so that the gap that was at the back of the elbow is now in the front allowing it to bend further

    I really want to know how to do this so magnus will have more articulation

    Also I cant provide pics because I dont have a camera and I asked the guy who solded it to me but he said that he had bought those from someone else along time ago and didn't know how it was done

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