Customs: Alfonsis the Rhinonian from Rhinon, suggestions needed

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    First, this is non-tf,

    Hey guys, so here's the thing, me and my lady are separated by a good body of water currently and I wanna do something a lil special for her. So to pass the time in chats and stuff we've been brainstorming a fantasy world we can both enjoy, one character of which is Alfonsis, her favourite. I want to make a custom of him for her as a surprise, but I'm not sure how to approach it. I have my sketches here and if you have any ideas what would be the best way about it please let me know. Plus I thought it might be fun to go a little more out there.

    I'm looking for ideas along the lines of materials and technique. Then when I've weighed it up I'll dig through the tutorials for the technical stuff.

    So far I know I need a toy rhino as a base lol.

    Thanks guys.



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