Ai-kon 2011 - Johnny Yong Bosch Announced as Guest!

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    Ai-kon 2011 will once again be taking place at the Winnipeg Convention Center July 15th-17th. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Manitoba's largest Anime Convention and to help celebrate the occasion all kinds of fun events will be planned for the entire weekend.

    Voice acting guests for this year are Johnny Yong Bosch(WFC Bumblebee), Greg Ayres, Eric Vale & Christopher Sabat. All the guests will be taking part in all kinds of fun activities all weekend long both on stage and off!

    As well the Manitoba Transformers Fan Club, Iacon North, will once again be attending. We should have some interesting announcments about our involvement as we get closer to the event.

    Last year was Iacon North's first year at the event and we had a great time, hosting a panel and trivia contest as well as displaying our collections and meeting Hot Shot himself Kirby Morrow!

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