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    We've received this update from our sponsor, Ages 3 and Up:


    We would like to thank the organizers of TransformersCon for a great show
    this year. We had a very good time and hope to do it again next year. Kudos
    for a clean running show and greetings to everyone we had the opportunity to
    meet this year. We were lucky enough to get a few of the exclusives from
    this show and will have them available on our site very shortly.

    Megatron MP-05

    Megatron was here and waiting for us when we returned from TransformersCon.
    We are currently packing orders and getting everything ready to ship out. We
    will be shipping as the orders came in so first orders will be shipped
    first. We ask your patience in us getting these over the border for our US
    customers. We do not anticipate any big issues with these figures and
    believe it will not take us too long to get all of these out. Unfortunately
    at this time we are sold out of this figure but we will very soon begin to
    take preorders for the second run. The second run will be the same as this
    one with the un-plugged un opened box.


    I have received a lot of email while out of town for TransformersCon. I will
    be returning all emails within the next few days so don’t worry about not
    hearing from us. We are sorry for this delay but our excursion to Toronto
    took a little bit longer than anticipated.

    Revoltech Megatron and Nike Transformers

    These are the next big items to arrive. We are expecting shipments of these
    sometime this month and will be shipping out as soon as they arrive in


    Starting with MP-06 we will not be taking payment up front for our
    Preorders. We will be asking for full payment about 3 weeks before delivery
    to still get our preorder prices. If payment is not received within that
    time frame, your preorder will be placed as in stock price, which is
    slightly higher than our preorder prices. The option to pay up front is
    still available if you feel that you may not have the funds at the time of

    Regular Stock

    We have added many items to our regular inventory such as Binaltech,
    Robotmasters, Beast Wars and many more items. Please browse our site for
    many great new items. Also make sure to check out our Discount section at: for
    huge savings on many items. We will continue to add hundreds of items
    throughout the week so check back often.

    Soundwave box

    We have received sticker sheets for our Soundwave boxes. We will be
    including this sticker sheet with every Soundwave box ordered. You can check
    out the listing here:

    If you have any questions about this email or anything else, please feel
    free to drop me a line. You can just hit the 'reply to' button of your mail


    Thanks very much.

    Spencer Wilson
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    cant wait to recieve my soundwave stickers. the box is very awsome. not like the other remake boxes at all. i'm trying to put together the entire bagged contents of soundwaves accesories bag. and these stickers will do nicely.

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