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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by valiant_knight, Dec 26, 2006.

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    I have the following items for sale

    g2 optimus prime only missing gas hose and nozzle $50 (working voice box)
    Galaxy force Nitro Convoy No planet key $10
    wst Snarl misb #15
    Titanium Optimus prime loose complete $12
    Classics: Starscream, BumbleBee, hotrod $25
    Classics: Megatron loose complete w/box, Optimus Prime Misb :$35
    cybertron Optimus Prime: Complete with planet key and matrix :$25
    g1 ironhide Complete c8 ON HOLD
    g1 Devastator Complete minus a few individual bot weapons, pics on request $80 shipped

    energon Lot
    Mirage, inferno, bulkhead, ironhide, sharkticon and a few more will post exact list later :$40 shipped

    Miester Red box verison MISB $35
    Swerve MISB $75 Sold
    Riccochet MISB $20

    A few things that I will trade for:

    TRU classics megs/prime 2 pack
    Target Purple Mace windu Squad clone battle pack
    classics jetfire
    Titanium Scourge and Soundwave
    Alt Camshaft (will trade in your favor for this)

    prices that do include shipping (only good within the continental US) are marked, shipping for everything else will be calculated once the request for the item is made. If you've been a regular trader or buyer from me over the last year then I won't charge for shipping. Prefered payment meathod is paypal but I do accept money order and personal check. Personal checks will take 2 weeks to process, I will ship once the check clears, unless I know you personally then I'll ship once I get payment regardless.
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    Pm sent

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