After Beast Machines: A New War

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    Just thought this up a couple of days ago. Well here it is. I would appreciate some advice on writing too.


    "Hey Spots," Rattrap said enthusiasticallly.

    Cheetor was slightly angry about Rattrap disturbing his thinking. He hadn't been doing much thinking until a year ago when they came back to Cybertron.

    "Got some big news for ya furrball."

    "What kind of news?" Cheetor said. He got slightly interested about whatever Rattrap was about to say. He leaped off the tree branch he was laying on and landed softly on the grass below.

    " So cats do always land on their feet."

    " Rattrap, the news."

    " Right, Right. So we got a call from Earth. "Apparently they found some bots lying in under loads a dirt an gravel. They were offline until a year ago when Cybertron got- "


    " Yup. And their headed here right now."

    " Are their bodies reformatted?"

    " Nope. They just got back online."

    "Like Rhinox...." Cheetor said. He wondered why the Matrix did this. Were the bots that were supposedly offlne just in stasis lock? He then thought about Rhinox. Rhinox had his spark extracted one year ago and placed in the shell of a dimwitted Vehicon named Tankorr. When Rhinox's memory was returned, he still acted as their enemy. Tankorr eventually was destroyed, but Rhinox's spark was revived and placed in a new technoorganic body just like all the other Transformers who had their shells destroyed. Rhinox worked harder than anyone else to rebuilt Cybertron. He didn't seem to notice everyone had forgiven him. Except himself.

    "Yeah." " Seems like the only bots who didn't get revived are the Boss Monkey, Megahead, and all our ancestors." Rattrap said silently.

    "Is that the ship coming in?" said Cheetor?


    " Let's get a team to welcome them back."

    An hour later they gathered a welcoming group. Cheetor and Rattrap were the first there to welcome the arrivals. Next to them was Silverbolt. Silverbolt is third in command of the Maximal army afte Rattrap. Hehas the beast mode of a condor. He stood there silently observing the ship. One or two years ago he would have been soaring in the air and waving at the young bots. Not anymore. Like Rhinox he was placed in a Vehicon shell. Unlike Rhinox he had no control over his Vehicon personality. He still feels guilty. Especially since as Jetstorm he attacked his girlfriend, Blackarachnia.

    Blackarachnia stood beside Silverbolt. Her beast mode was a spider. She was a Predacon during te first half of the Beast Wars even though she had a Maximal protoform. But a plan from Megatron and Silverbolt brought her back to the Maximals. s he was saddened by silverbolt's moodiness but they still were close. She always tries her hardest to get him back to th goofy heroic Maximal he once was.

    Rhinox was there. Like his name suggests his beast mode is a rhino. Botanica was also there. Botanica is Rattrap's girlfriend. She is slightly famous on Cybertron for being the only Maximal with a plant for an alternate form.

    Buzzsaw is a rookie Maximal who recently worked his way up to the army. His beast mode is a hornet. He was excited to be around his idols Cheetor and Silverbolt. He is usually the first one their to missions. even if it's recycling duty.

    T-Wrecks is another newcomer to the maximal army. Usually when one sees his best mode of a huge tyrannosaurus they assume he is a Maximal with a bad attitude. While he does sometimes get angered easily, he isusually a friendly and cocky Maximal.

    The only one not their was the Maximal with a bat mode, Nightscream. He was susposed to be there but no one noticed at that moment.

    The one Predacon there was Waspinator. Waspinator was put into a Vehicon shell one year ago too. He was a motorcycle named Thrust. He actually liked being a Vehicon as he thought thats 'chick dig brooding loner bit" and the fact that he never got blown up as often. Unfortunately when he was reformatted he was turned into a tiny Earth size wasp with Thrust's head. the Maximals gave him amnesty from his crimes during the Beast Wars. This is mostly because they felt sorry for him and the fact that waspinator was not that bad of a bot. Waspinator only volunteered to come with them because he had nothng else to do.

    The ship opened up. Cheetor sais to the pilot " Let them out."

    " Yes sir, but a few a few of them must be restrained because....well......"

    "I understand"

    The first one wh came out was a Maximal. He was a faded blue color with a yellow face. He seemed to have huge fins sticking out of his back like a Manta Ray. When he looked up at his fellow Maximals he did a double take.

    " Cheetor, Rattrap, Blackarachnia, Rhinox?"

    "Yeah, and this guy over here is Silverbolt. Welcome back Depth Charge."

    "Where's Primal......... And what happened to Cybertron?"

    "Unfortunately, Optimus died to reformat Cybertron."

    " And Megatron?"

    " Him too" said Rattrap happily.

    "What about you? We thought you were scrap." said Cheetor.

    " I did too. But I guess I'm tougher than I thought. Unfortunately X survived too......"

    Sure enough the first of the next three who came out of the ship was the grab formerly known as Protoform X. Now known as Rampage. He was just as scarred as depth Charge and seemed to try and fight the energy restraints that held him even though that would tire him out. The next one was a small Predaconwho was yelling all over the place. His name was Quickstrike. He was a fuzor. a combination
    of two animals. He had a scorpion beast mode, but instead of a stinger he had a Cobra. The next Predacon was bigger and was also trying to break free of his restaints even though his parts were only barely reattached to him. He kept demanding to see the "royalty". This was the insane ant Predacon, Inferno.
    The last one who came out was so badly damaged you could see his circuitry.
    he uttered one word as he looked at the new Cybertron.

    " Interesting."

    Blackarachnia immediately knew who it was. a voice she never wished to hear again. It made her angry.

    "Tarantulas," she said.

    "Ahhh, Blackarachnia. what an interesting new form you have. If I may....examine it."

    " Get away from her you twisted piece of scrap." Silverbolt warned as he drew a blade.

    " I meant no harm.....Silverbolt? It seems like you've gotten an upgrade too. along with an attitude. And... Waspinator?"

    " Yes Waspinator is here too," Waspinator sighed.

    " Listen" said Cheetor. " This is the new Cybertron. Everyone here has been reformatted with technoorganic bodies. To live here now I suggest you do the same."

    " But what about the Royalty?" Inferno cried.

    " Don't ya get it ya big idjit" Quickstrike snapped. " Megatron is either in a cell or blown ta pieces."

    "Noooooooooo. I must grieve for my queen!"

    " Yeah, You do that partner." " I wanna get reformatted, I guess. Just as long as I don't end up like Waspinator." Heh heh."

    " Not funny!" Waspinator cried out.

    "I guess I have no choice...for the moment. My spark ain't feelin so.....indestrutable right now." said Rampage.

    "I'll do it," said Depth Charge.

    " I refuse," said Tarantulas. " My plans do not include getting reformatted.... At least not like this. Thanks for the little "reunion". Tarantulas then unexpectedly jumped off the ledge he waas standing on. at the rate he was going down a flier would never catch him.

    "Do you think he's-" said Buzzsaw

    " Not a chance" Blacharachnia said bitterly.

    " Not sure if anybody noticed but..Where's Nightscream?" Rattrap said

    "Nightscream? Isn't he-" Cheetor said as he looked around. "Sigh let's get them reformatted first."

    An hour later everything was finished and everyone was getting used to their new forms. Quickstrike was especially happy as he was now a wolf since it was hard to reformat fuzors.

    Nightscream was in the Archives reading. His favorite documents were written by Optimus Prime and Galvatron themselves. Prime's document was astudy of the Autobot Matrix of leadership. Galvatron's was a long study of The Key to Vector Sigma. Nightscream was in the middle of reading Galvatron's article. " What if there was a way to upgrade the key and make copies," Nightscream read aloud. "What if-" Nightscream read before he was interupted by the rest of his team coming through the door.

    "Oh! Hey Cheetor! Heheh......great."

    THat's it for now please comment on it.
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    'Chick dig brooding loner bit'.

    Personally, I don't think that Transformers see sex as important. All their reproduction is done via the Matrix. Fembots are mainly irrelevant. Feminine charm would not affect Transformers very much at all, although the study of femininity would be useful in understanding other species. Sorry all fembot fans but that's my take on the situation.
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    'Galvatron's [article] was a long study of The Key to Vector Sigma.'

    I don't think that Galvatron would allow his knowledge to be made publicly available in an archive. It is strategically unwise. He would destroy the information before it could be captured by Autobots, Maximals or others.
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    O.K. I don't really fell like starting an argument on a fanfic forum but how are female Transformers irrelevent? Apparently no one told that to Silverbolt and Blackarachnia or Rattrap and Botanica or if you wanna go back to G1 Ironhide and Chromia or Optimus Prime and Elita-1. They don't have girlfriends to study them! They actually loved them! Anyway about Galvatron's article. It's not an something he wants to destroy. It's his back up plan if he lost the Great War (you'll find out about it)! Oh and Waspinator actually did say something akin to " Chicks dig brooding loner bit"

    Chapter 1: Nightscream

    " What were you doing?" Cheetor asked angrily.

    " Researching. Got a problem with that?" Nightscream spit out.

    " Only if it causes you to disobey an order. Again."

    "You could've always came later after we greeted the arrivals," Botanica added.

    " And look at all these files scattered about! This is important information! It's not just some storybook for kids like you to-," Silverbolt yelled out.

    " How long am I gonna be called kid, huh? I'm not the kid anymore! Buzzsaw's the

    Cheetor sighed and said "We're not calling you a kd based on your rank. We're basing it on your behavior. Secondly, some of these files are too important to be scattered around like this"

    "Too important!? Says who? The Cybertronian leaders? What is it they don't want us to know!?"

    "Calm down Nightscream. Unfortunately you'll have to be put on guard duty for disobeyind orders."

    "Fine. I was researching information that could potentially help Cybertron!"

    "But would you know how to use the information?"

    Nightscream stormed off outside soon after. He needed to calm down. He kept thinking about what had just happened. And how he just stole his two favorite documents. He then heard a movement ehind him. He turned around quickly to see the stangest looking predacon he had ever seen.

    "What an interesting show you put up there......Nightscream was it?" the bot said.

    " Who are you?"

    " I'm called Tarantulas and-"

    "I've heard of you! You were one of Megatron's Predacons in the Beast Wars!" Nightscream yelled getting ready to attack.

    " Hold on there young one I just wish to talk."

    "About what?"

    "About the documents you recently stole."

    "How do you know about-?"

    "I was observing and I think I can help you find what you need. Now tell me what you know and I'll tell you a little of what I know"

    "I'll tell you nothing."

    " Then you'll never find the copy of the key."


    "That'ds right. I know what you're thinking about. You do know that with the reformatting of Cybertron, the energon we need is growing scarce."

    "Yes. and the Leaders of Cybertron are doing nothing about it."

    "But you think the key can change that?"


    "Well what does it do?" Tarantulas asked impatiently.

    " Do you realy know it's location?"

    " Yes. Here, look." Tarantulas said as he pulled out a holomap image of someplace deep within Cybertron. " Well?" Tarantulas asked.

    Nightscream took a deep breath. "I shouldn't tell you this but I think this copy of The Key to Vector Sigma can potentially rewrite all data on Cybertron. any way the owner wants it to. I think i can give cybertron an unlimited energy source"

    " Interesting...... So when do you want me to show you the location?"

    "Now but no tricks Predacon. I'm in no mood for tricks."

    " Of course not. I see in you.......potential."

    " I'm not really sure how to take that"

    Depth Charge was pleased. He didn't show it. He never shows it, but he was pleased with his new technoorganic body. He was swifter for one thing. He seemed a whole lot stronger too. Those things weren't even his favorite parts. His favorite new ability was ascanner that he could update. This scanner can track Maximal, Predacon even a minicon if there was one around. He could also update it to tell friend from foe. He was just toying with this new featur until Cheetor came up to him.

    "He just won't listen."

    " Who that bat kid?"

    "He thinks he can do everything by himself and-"

    "Remind you of anyone?" Depthcharge said with a slight smirk.

    "I guess I had that one coming. Where did he go anyway?"

    "My scanner should pick him up." Depth Charge said checking his scanner.

    " What the? Never seen this part of Cybertron."

    Cheetor was surprised at that news as Depth Charge had been all over Cybertron.

    " What is that kid getting into?"

    Deep under a series of tunnels in Cybertron Nightscresm was wandering with Tarantulas and this old Predacon named Transquito who said he knew the way to the Key.

    "Just a bit further." Transquito said. "There a few chunks of energon growin on the wall if you'd like some.

    Nightscream took some and ate it. He loved it. It made him feel......stronger.

    Out of the blue. Predacon marauders suddenly ambushed them. Nightscream took quick work of them. He noticed he was a little bit more aggressive than usual. He immmediate turned on the old Predacon.

    "This better not be a trap old one."

    "N-no sir these guys give me trouble too ya'see. Yer key's just up ahead." Transquito said and flew off. There was a strange looking object covered in technoorgfanic vines that Nightscream thought was sure to be the key. He then heard some rustling behind him.

    " There he is" sombot said.

    " It's mine!" Nightscream yelled before looking to see who it was. When he did it seemed to late.

    "Botanica!" cried Rattrap.

    To be continued......
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    I suppose that my gripe is that fembots are seen to flirt and simper, which causes a reaction in manbots that looks like human males being distracted, lusting and falling in love. In a society supposedly without sex, this behaviour is useless and a waste of time and energy. It is easily fatal in a battle situation. Transformers are more concerned with other things, such as obtaining energon, building things, making war, gaining power, learning about the universe, etc. Maybe if the Transformer wars ended, then they could kill time by pretending to be male, female, etc. and having romantic interactions. Otherwise, they should not indulge their hobbies during dangerous times. If they want babies, the Matrix will provide them, only they will be heavily armed babies, designed to survive.
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    I guess I see your point. If you were a Transformer you'd most likely be a Decepticon

    Chapter 2: Cybertron's end

    "Botanica!" cried Rattrap. " I'll slag ya..... I'll slag ya ya rooten piece of-"

    "Rattrap, stop! She'll survive if we make it to a CR chamber quick enough. Calm down," Cheetor said.

    "I can't calm down with this traitor-"

    "I'm no traitor!" Nightscream protested.

    " Oh! And I suppose this was all for the good of Cybertron. What were ya doing here anyway?"

    "I was looking for something... Didn't find it."

    " Maximals head towards Cybertropolis Med sector 5002. They should be able to help her. And Nightscream I would like to have a word later." Cheetor said.

    The Med Center was a good hour from there. It was still the closest one. Lukily Botanica was able to make it to the C.R Chamber. Each Maximal took turns watching over Botanica. Even Nightscream. Silverbolt disaproved of this.

    "Are you sure It's safe to trust him?" He said.

    "He's a fellow Maximal and," Cheetor began.

    "Well he's not acting like one." Silverbolt said as he walked towards Blackarachnia.

    Nightscream was silrntly watching over Botanica. " I didn't mean to.... But you shouldn't have snuck up on me!!!" he blurted out.

    "Nightscream... I know," she said stirring a little.

    "You should rest."

    " I have to tell you something first. I saw that you had a key. whatever it does is probaby a danger to Cybertron."

    "How do you-?"

    "I know what files you've been reading. all of us do. Cheetor thought it was best if we-"

    "Cheetor doesn't know anything! And I'm keeping this key!"

    "Nightscream! If this continues I'll have to alert the others!"

    "You try that and I'll pull this chamber's plug!"

    "Nightscream what's happened to you?"

    "Common sense happened. The state Cybertron's in right now.....It can't survive! Right now the Predacon Tarantulas is gathering a group of followers willing to listen to common sense! He knows where the key goes and together we'll find it! We're going to give Cybertron back It's energy that we need to live!"

    "That could potentially damage Cybertron and other planets around it!"

    "There is also a chance it could save Cyberton. I'm willing to take that risk"

    "Y-You're insane!"

    "No! I'm determined!"

    "Nightscream for Primus' sake that document was written by Galvatron! He was not in his right mind! And I will alert the Maximal's!"

    "I warned you!" Nightscream yelled as he was about to grab some wires. Silverbolt who happened to be nearby, went to see what all the yelling was about. When he saw Nightscream he immediately burst into the room.

    "Traitor!" he yelled as he was about to attack Nightscream.

    "Stay back!" Nightscream yelled as he unleashed one of his Sonic Screams.

    Silverbolt was too late to cover his ears and was soon knocked out. Nightscream burst through the window, transformed and flew off.

    On the roof of the Med center Tarantulas stood with a the militia that Nightscream promised. Nightscream flew up to meet him. "Did also get the two I specifically asked for?" Nightscream asked.

    "Yes, although I must say it was hard to steal ship from the-" Tarantulas began.

    "Where are they?"

    "Right here." A voice from the group said.

    "Obsidian, Strika"
    " Nightscream.... Strika and I did not expect this especially from you." Obsidian said.

    "Times have changed"

    "They certainly have"

    "Alright! I assume all of you are here to do what's best for Cybertron! We move now! Tarantulas will lead the way! He will also throw out an energy net to block any pursuers! It won't hold so be quick!"

    The group moved quickly as told. Quickstrike, Inferno and Rampage alll joined and were leading the "parade". They had been convinced by Tarantulas that doing this would revive Megatron somehow. Rampage didn't believe in this as much of the others. He was just looking for a chance to destroy Depth Charge. Two Predacon's Gasskunk and Spittor were in charge of making sure no one fell behind. For a large group they moved quickly.

    Cheetor's group of Maximals were hot on Nightscreams trail. Depth Charce's scanner was being put to the test. " Slag! Too many targets to follow." He said

    " What do we do when we find 'em boss" T-Wrecks asked Cheetor.

    " I-I'm not sure...... I-" Cheetor stumbled.

    "Don't stutter kid you're a leader now!" Depth Charge yelled.

    " Right. Well...... We might want to see what their up to first. We need a spy..... Someone small.........Waspinator........"

    "Waspinator Knew it! Only reason Cat-bot ever call Waspinator up for mission is when he needs someone to get slagged" Waspinator protested.

    " No, Waspinator! You're a valued member of the team."

    " Really?"

    " Yes, now just use you're optic sensors to send video-feed of what their doing."

    "You can count on Waspinator!"

    Waspinator was very quick and soon followed Nightscream's group to A place he had never seen before.

    " Where is this?" Nightscream asked Tarantulas.

    " The home of ancient Cybertronian Computer. Vector Sigma!"

    "Oh, That's right! Megatron tried activatin this one year ago but Optimus stopped him."

    Waspinator whispered into the com-link " You see this Cat-bot?"

    "Yes Waspinator good job! Head back We're hurrying to stop him!"

    They didn't arrive too late either. Nightscream saw Cheetor out of the corner of his eye but was to busy activating Vector Sigma to notice. Nightscream entered various codes in. Cheetor rushed up to him.

    "Nightscrwam! You've lost!" Cheetor yelled.

    "Idiot." Nightscream said. "Every great leader should have a backup plan."
    Nightscream entered one final code in. Befor anybot knew it the room was flashing white. Cheetor heard one thing before he passed out. I't was the computer saying something akin to

    "Clearing Cybertronian data process. Commencing now."

    To be continued.......
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    Chapter 3: You got the touch

    "We're all gonna die" Rattrap said.

    "You said that two megacycles ago" Silverbolt said.

    " And he said it three megacycles ago before that." Blackarachnia added.

    "I can't help but sayin it cause it's TRUE! Look around and what do ya see? Nothin! Just white. Oh! And I think my tail got deleted. Can this get any worse?" said Rattrap.

    "As long as I've waited to see the Maximals destroyed I don't think I ever could have accomplished this. Nightscream did well even if he did destroy Cybertron to do it. I would have done it more......thughtfully. Yesssss," a familiar voice said.

    Cheetor grunted one word 'Megatron." after that he tried to pull out his blaster but he had no strenghth to do so. In fact all of the maximals were on the ground their shell programs being deleted alng wit every other Transformer on Cybertron.

    "Save your strength, Cheetor," another familiar voice said.

    "Big Bo- I mean Optimus? Where am I are we all....."

    "No Cheetor You're still alive. Nightscream damage to Cybertron seemed to have caused the Matrix to unbound."

    "Where are the others? Why are there only four of us here? and how are you two here?"

    "Data is scattered everywhere now they could be anywhere. It was only by chance that you four wound up together. And these forms you see of Megatron and I are more or less projections of are old shells. "

    "Well ain't that great. Here we are talkin with our old leader and Megabucket about to join 'em up in the Matrix along with the Autobots and Decepticons and there ain't nothin we can do," Rattrap cried.

    "Not neccesarily true my small Maximal friend," Megatron said.

    "We're not trusting anything you suggest," Cheetor said.

    " Actually what he is about to say may be your only chance to survive," Optimus said.

    Meanwhile Nightscream was telling his idea of survival to tarantulas and Obsidian.

    "That's insane," Tarantulas said.

    "It's the only way to live," Nightscream replied.

    "Please, explain to me this plan of yours again," Obsidian said.

    "Fine. We're connected to the Matrix., right? It has connections to every spark that has ever died that's Cybertronian,right? All data currently on Cybertron, including our shell programs are being deleted as we speak. But if we upload old data from the Matrix's archives and add it to our data." Nightscream explained.

    " You idiot! That could potentially erase our data and replace it with their data! Or it could give us a whole new program!" Tarantulas screamed.

    "Or we could keep our own data and have traits from the added data. And I could do it all with the Key to Vector Sigma. It has connections to all data on Cybertron!"

    "And do we know whose data we'll get?" Tarantulas asked.

    "We don't," Nightscream said.

    Elsewhere Megatron made the same point to Cheetor. "Only one problem," Cheetor said. "We don't have the Key."

    "The key isn't the only thing that can do it. There is one other object. It's data can't be deleted no matter what," Optimus added.

    "But you have to gather up your strength and find it, young Maximal." Megatron said.

    " If it's to save Cyberton, I'll do it," Cheetor said.

    Meanwhile Everywhere on Cybertron Transformer's data was being deleted and they were reverting to protoforms. Nightscream plan, however was coming into completion.

    Optimus and Megatron traveled the Matrix for long while since tey died. It had been one year. to them it seemed like one day. They could no longer fight. All they did was talk. And Argue. Especially Megatron. But right now they were observing. They've never seen anything like this before. They observed Cheetors side and now they were observing Nightscream's.

    "He has changed so much. He.....grew up. But he didn't end up as I thought he would." Optimus said.

    "Well, not all of us can turn into little versions of you like Cheetor did, Primal." Megatron said.

    " It didn't have to end like this......" said Optimus "If only there was one Transformer left comeplete online. then he could reboot Cybertron."

    Optimus stood there sadly looking at Nightscream's silverish grey protoform colored body. Strangely it didn't exatly look like a protoform. And even more strangely it moved.

    "Nightscream?" Optimus said.

    "Optimus.............Primal? Hehe ha ha ha HA HA HA HA!" Nightscream laughed sounding like himself and not himself at the same time.


    "No Primal. Not Nightscream.Not Anymore. And finnally you lost Primal. Cybertron is mine to control. The Preda- no!! The Decepticon's shall rule the universe."

    Optimus stood in shock and despair as not one but two Megatron's laughed in his face as the Maximals finnally seemed defeated.

    Cheetor was following path Optimus had set for him. He felt as if he could hardly move but he needed to sve Cybertron. The object he was looking was usually stored under heavy Security. It was the most cherished object on Cybertron. It was there still standing on it's pedastal untouched. Cheetor reached out to grab it. once again he could've sworn he heard a voice. It said only four words.

    "Light our darkest hour"
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    This is one of the shorter ones.

    Chaptrr 4: Optimus Prime

    "We're all gonna-"

    "Rattrap. Shutup," Blackarachnia said before drifting off into stasis lock. at fiest she thought that maybe Rattrap was right. Silverbolt had been silent for awhile so she assumed he has either been put on Stasis lock too or has reverted to a protoform.
    Then again Silverbolts' usually always quiet nowadays.

    Rattrap had noone to talk to right now. All he had to was wait. Wait until he hit stasis lock like the rest of them. He wondered if someone would find Cybertron years later. Surely humans would notice that they were not in contact with them anymore.
    Then Rattrap saw something. A figure in the distance. He couldn't believe his optics. It was the legendary Autobot, Optimus Prime.

    "Okay. I'm officially a goner," Rattrap said. "I mean, I'm seein' Optimus Prime here.
    Either I'm crazy or I'm finnaly with the Matrix."

    "You are neither Rattrap," Prime said.

    "Woo-boy! Optimus Prime knows my name!"

    "Rattrap it's me......."

    "Yeah I know! The hero! The legend! The-"


    "Cheetor? Come to think of it he's been gone awhile. He was lookin for your Matrix of Leadership. You didn't happen to....see....him.....did....ya?....... Cheetor?"

    " Yes."

    "Sweet Primus! What happened to you? How did ya? When did? And ya sound different."

    "The Autobot Matrix of Leadership. It can add old data from any spark that has been in the matrix and add it too our-"

    "So Megs was tellin' the truth. Go figure. Heh heh. So what about everyone else. I figure the two lovebirds are nearly protoforms again by now."

    "Don't worry. We have plenty of time. Cybertron is also starting to return. But we may have to rebuild."

    "So what now Chee- I mean Optimus?"

    "Well first off we reformat you, Silverbolt, and Blacharachnia."

    " Ehhhh, have'nt we already done that?"

    "This is different."

    "So I figure I won't exactly be Rattrap anymore, huh?"

    "We can rename you after you're are reformatted. It would most likely depend on whose data you get. Are you ready to be reformatted?"

    "Oh yeah!" he said as a bright light flashed before him. this felt different from the first time he was reformatted. It felt more........comfortable.. More natural, despite his last reformatting making him techno-organic.

    He looked at himself. His new shell was silvery-white with . He had green and red stripes running down his front and back. His new name came to him almost immediately.

    "Wheeljack." he said.

    "Welcome back Wheeljack."

    "Yeah, glad to be back, Prime. Gotta get used ta callin ya that. Now, uh, what about these two."

    "I'm on it."

    Silverbolt woke up. He had heard what was going on but couldn't see anything or move until now. He was on the brink of stasis lock. But he heard everything. He looked at himself. Shining silver wings. Glistening silver shell. He really felt like Silverbolt again. Blacharachnia, or Arcee now was having trouble adjusting to her new body. Silverbolt immediately rushed to help her up.

    "Silverbolt?" Arcee said.

    " My love! Are you okay. I was afraid that we had lost everything, including Cybertron. But now when I think about it I should have been most worried about losing you. Oh! How my heart aches when I think about it." Silverbolt said.

    "Oh, Silverbolt."

    "Oh, Blacharachn-"


    "Oh Arcee."

    "Oh brother." Wheeljack added.

    Meanwhile Megatron was doing some reformatting of his own. Obsidian was first.

    " Arise, Shockwave." Megatron said.

    "Thankyou sir. I must admit I had doubts about you before but now....." started Shockwave. Formerly known as Obsidian.

    "Save it for right now. I need to reformat Tarantulas. And Tarantulas was reformatted.

    " Arise Cyclonus."

    The four former Maximals, now Autobots were getting ready to search for thei friends in hopes of reformatting them.

    "Autobots," Optimus began. "Transform and roll out!"
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    I mean no disrespect but you need a bit more detail/discription and less dialogue. other than that its great.
  10. pirateguy withapplepie

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    This will be the last short one.

    Chapter 5: Autobots & Decepticons

    The Autobots wandered about. Cybertron was slowly returning, or so it seemed. It wasn't really technoorcanic anymore. It had patches of technological and patches of organic in certain places so it seemed equal. This was good enough for the Autobots. Right now they just wanted to find their friends. And it justso happened that they just found one.

    "Depth Charge?" Optimus said.


    "We'll have to work quickly," Optimus said.

    The Matrix flashed a bight light while it did it's job. Depth Charge stood up and looked at Cybertron's state. It didn't shock him. Nothuing did anymore. Optimus and Wheeljack filled him in on the situation. Depth Charge took a deep breath and said " Hmmm. What happened to Nightscream and the Predacons?"

    "Well.....We don't know," Wheeljack said.

    "So...I guess I'll pick a new name too...........Ultra Magnus."

    "Awww. And I was hopin' you'd pick Beachcomber," Wheeljack said.

    "I see you still have your sarcasm."

    "And I can see you still have your lack of a sense of humor."

    "Ultra Magnus do you still have your Scanner?" Optimus asked.


    " Good. We can use it to locate and reformat others we see. Silverbolt take the lead and act as a scout. ultra Magnus take the tail end incase some enemies are still around. "

    "I knew it." Ultra Magnus said.

    "Knew what?"

    "That you had what it takes."

    The Autobots transformed. Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus both transformed into huge Cybertronian trucks. They were around the same color scheme, except that optimus was mostly red While most of Ultra Magnus was blue. Silverbolt was a sleek Cybertronian jet.. Arcee and Wheeljack were cybertronian cars.

    Meanwhile the Dcepticons were also reformatting allies using the copy of the Key to Vector Sigma. Cyclonus noted though that the Key's power had diminished. The first one up was Rampage.

    "And you shall be Astrotrain!" Megatron said.

    "Th-thankyou. I feel stronger. Better. Any enemy who runs into me will-"

    "Silence you idiot!"


    The next to be reformatted was Inferno. " Could it be?!" Inferno said "The ancient Queen Megatron lives? The royalty lives on!"

    "Perhaps reformatting you will rid you of your buffoonary," Megatron said.

    Inferno was for once silent a moment. Then suddenly he started to speak. "Reformatting comeplete. Program file Soundwave complete. What is your wish Megatron?" Soundwave said

    " Follow me right now."

    The next transformers Megatron saw were Gasskunk and Spittor and to his surprise Waspinator.

    "Megatron? No! It can't be! You old Megatron. Or are you? Waspinator so confused now....." Waspinator babbled.

    " Ahhhh Waspinator. Don't you miss being among the strong. Don't you miss being a warrior. Don't you miss soaring through the skies and actually being of use?" Megatron said.

    "Why Megatron sound like infomercial?"

    "Sigh. Do you want to be a powerful Warrior again?"

    "Yes! Waspinator does!"

    "Alright then," Megatron said lifting up the Key. " Arise Starscream."

    "Yes! I am no longer weak! I can once again be one of the most powerful warriors
    in the universe!" Starscream announced.

    " Yes. Yes. Of course Starscream. But remember, I am your leader."

    "Yes, of course, Megatron. You will always be the great leader of the Decepticons." Starscream said. " For now."

    To be continued.........

    Alright. Just so you remember, here's a list of who got reformatted into who.

    Cheetor-Optimus Prime




    Depth Charge-Ultra Magnus







    And the remining characters who haven't yet been reformatted.....How about I make a little game out of it! You can guess who they'll be.









  11. Zerus

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    Rhinox should be Ironhide!
    i like where you're going with the story.really good in my opinion.
  12. pirateguy withapplepie

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    A few things first: The length of the stories will vary between short and long.
    Second: I'm thinking of more things for the plot so ther is no real story but I do have a Bonus Story. Third: Beast Wars Megatron will be called Megatron II from now on

    Bonus Chapter 1: Megatron II's talk Show

    Megatron II: Greetings friends welcome to my show. We have two segments today so get ready. First off let me introduce my first two guests; Optimus Prime formerly known as Cheetor & my succesor Megatron formerly known as Nightscream. So how are you guys today?

    OP: Prime.

    M: Meh............

    MII: Well how is it like to finnaly become leaders after hiding in Optimus Primal's shadow?

    M: It feels great! I finnally am able to do things MY WAY!

    OP: actually, I've been leading since Optimus Primal died. Speaking of that how the hell are you here?

    MII: Ummmm..... Yesssss....... Well....... You see..... Errrrr.........We'll be right back after these messages.

    Announcer: Are you tired of all these accidents on the road? Are little annoying Decrepticon kids blasting your tires? Someone mess up your new shiny shell? Then call Tidal Wave and Soundwave law firm.

    Tidal Wave: Tidal Wave Tidal Wave Tidal Wave........

    Soundwave: Tidal Wave and Soundwave Superior. Other lawyers Inferior.

    Announcer: ............... The Megatron show is also sponsored by...Chip Planet!

    Megatron II: Chip.:p 

    Op: Uhhhh, What?

    MII: Errrrr, Nothing. Just another thing I have yet to go to therapy over. Sooo were you surprised about Nightscreams betrayal.

    OP: I was but I shouldn't have been. I mean if you think about it he was always trying to kill us. First he brought us those poionous fruits that made us go wild and then he brought you to our base in the shell of a wolf who turned into a dragon. Then when the wolf/dragon thing got a mind of it's own he constantly tried to bring it with us so it could roast us.

    M: All of those were accidents! And his name was Noble/Savage.

    OP: Yeah whatever. Whatever happened to that thing anyway? Didn't it run away when you didn't feed it or soething?

    M: He died (I think) to save us!

    OP: I'm pretty sure he ran away

    M: Dick.............

    MII: And Now we have Wheeljack & Starscream talking about the goods and bads of alt. modes.

    Wheeljack: Well, A cars good point is that their fast and can dodge things quickly. But they usually have bad damage if their hit. A truck like OP can take hits but lack the speed.

    Starscream: Aerial forms have the advantage of being in the sky. Jets like myself combine speed, stealth and strength to get past our enemies. Aerial forms are still vulnerable to sneak attacks though. Guns like my great leader Megatron have very powerful attack power. Observe as Megatron transforms into a gun in my hand and obliterates this trash can.

    Megatron: Take that!

    Starscream: But guns are still vulnerable to being thrown ut of a window like this.

    Megatron: Starscreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wheeljack: Ain't ya gonna rescue him?

    Starscream: Huh? He can fly right?

    Wheeljack: No. Not anymore.

    Starscream: Whoops:ev: 
  13. pirateguy withapplepie

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    As some of you might know I'm starting a comic version of this fic. The fic is very, very far from complete. The comic will probably last longer since it seems easier to do.

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