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    I have (or will have) the following items for sale. PM if interested.

    Botcon 2008 Boxed Set and Attendee Figure


    Loose Needlenose: Missing both targetmasters

    Loose Punch/Counterpunch: Missing guns

    Loose Squeezeplay: Missing gun, headmaster, tail

    Loose Warpath: A little dusty

    Loose Bombshell: Missing guns, chrome wear

    Loose Topspin: Missing guns

    Loose Blurr: Missing Guns, Shield

    Loose AM Banzaitron: Missing backpack/gunthingy

    Loose AM Over-Run: Missing Vehicle

    Loose Overdrive: Missing accessories

    Loose Powerglide: Missing wings

    Junker Hoist

    Junker Motormaster

    Junker Slingshot

    Beast Era:

    Loose Rhinox - Missing instructions

    Loose Optimus Primal (gorilla) - Missing missiles, swords, mace, missile launcher covers, mutant head, gorilla head. Two left legs. Autographed by Gary Chalk on chest

    Loose Fox Kids Airazor (missing tail weapon)

    Loose Wolfang - Missing launcher, has shield, missiles

    Loose K9 - Missing gun, right arm, missiles. Has shield and instructions

    Loose TM Airazor - Missing one gun pod. Has instructions

    Loose Bonecrusher (2) - Both missing missile, one missing right hand. Both have instructions

    Loose TM Waspinator - Missing weapon. Has instructions

    Beast Wars Neo Loose Longrack - Missing missiles

    Instructions: Cybershark, Quickstrike, Drillbit, Jetstorm (dragonfly one)

    Misc TF Stuff:

    20th Anniversary Transformers The Movie Dvd
    (the general release one by Sony, no special stuff)

    Cybertron Evac Kabaya Model Kit (sealed)

    G1 Soundwave Eraser (loose)

    Military Team Knockoff Transformers 2pk: Humvee and Sportscar

    Transformers Energon Valentines (sealed box, some box damage)

    Decepticon Symbol Party Napkins (sealed pack of 16)

    Titanic-Bot (sealed on card)


    Black Crasher

    Junker Spay-C

    Junker Wrongway

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