AEC wants & Minicons & EZ series & JAPANESE TF'S wanted

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    RE : Energon/ Cybertron / Universe / Armada toys I've got a few gaps to fill still ; Perhaps someone can help with ?

    Checkpoint & Prowl (Energon moulds)
    Quickstrike (red helicopter)
    Energon Beachcomber
    Energon Shockblast
    Cybertron/ Universe Cannonball
    Plx Cyclonus (green helicopter)
    Various Minicons/Micron including Japanese Micron Booster & DVD Microns, and the Walmart Tiny tin ones that came packed with Deluxes.
    Also always interested in EZ series toys in general.

    I'm also interested in Energon / Superlink Autobots in general and accessories that are loose like weapons and chips though not looking to pay a premium price on many of them though as I already have them once but am looking to try to get two of each eventually for Photographing and display variety it provides.

    I'm not interested in anything that'd been modified or extensively repainted though.

    Lastly I'm also looking for someone who can help me with Japanese Deluxes/Voyagers from the last couple of years - anything that's a different colour to the Hasbro ones. I got much of the Henkei stuff (still need a Henkei Hound though) - but after that due to the exchange rate and supply problems and people not stocking things I wanted like Takara's Breacher,Insecticon, Sidearm Sideswipe and TF United toys like Jazz or Wreck Gar etc..- I've had little luck finding things except at prices that are a lot more than Japanese retail (sometimes 3 times as much) so it's put me off.

    I'd be happy to pay a finders fee for current and recent Japanese toys if anyone does that sort of thing.

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