AEC-era TransFormers, GIJoe sets, ML, etc

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    TransFormers: BM Buzzsaw, Titanium Cheetor, Energon Starscream, Energon Slugslinger, Energon2 Hotshot, Cybertron Beast Megatron

    GIJoe: RoC Tarfget Rescue Mission set, 25th HISS Tank, 25th Ace and Wild Weasel, Classic reissue Duke/Destro/Roadblock with comic

    Marvel Legends: 12" Invisible Woman (clear), 8" Origins Daredevil, Kingpin vs Daredevil, Legendary Riders Thing, Mystique

    The posted prices reflect Amazon's enormous commision fees so I'm willing to cut significant deals for private sales and combined orders. More stuff being listed as I go though all the containers in the guest rooms. Thanks for looking!

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