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Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by Dinobot Scythe, Oct 1, 2012.

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    I am planning on writing my first TF fan fiction. It is in a new continuity, kind of like a combination of Animated and Aligned with a lot of G1 story elements and characters, plus influences from other series as well, and IDW G1 aesthetics. I'm going to try to give most characters real alts, with obvious exceptions. The storyline focuses on 3 groups of Autobots, with around 68 total. There will be even more Decepticons, and some characters will be more important to the mainstream series then others, though I would like to flesh out the rest in side stories. Most characters will not be new, though there will be some new ones, most notably tons of Dinobots. The stories will take place mostly on Earth, though there will not be very many human characters, and the main focus is on the robots. I will provide details on the cast soon.
    My main problem:
    I know nothing about vehicles, though I would like all of them to have real vehicle modes and to try not to copy. I.E., Seekers will all turn into differant jets. I will provide a roster, and I'd like help picking alts for each robot.

    Any advice you could give would be appreciated.
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    Bro just do wat feels right to you!!!!

    Also research is very important just do yuor homework and you'll do fine!!!!
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    Hm I wouldnt say I am the best at giving advice considering I have only recently started my own fanfic as well, but I guess the most i can give you is to try and focus on a limited amount of characters, do too many and it may fall apart. If you are going to focus on characters in side stories, then I would at least make them have a purpose for being there yknow? rather than having them there for cannonfodder or to just act as an extra gun. Not every character must be in it, and having over 100 characters may be pushing it a little, but for mainstream stories I would focus on an autobot cast of a maximum of 20. the idea of having three groups is a good way to sort the characters out and make it easier to keep track of them so if you are going to add alot of characters. then your idea of having three teams is a good way to go.

    Now these are just some of my suggestions, its your story so you can do whatever you want with it, after all I may be wrong. But if you are able to play your cards right then you should be able to pull off a great story, just be sure to keep it interesting and people will surely read it. also for alt modes, try looking up the types of alt modes these characters had, and research similar models, if you are planning on having different seeker jets, then try different models of the f-15 like the f-18 or f-22.

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