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    OPTIMUSPRIME - ID#A0922325

    *** RETURNED ON 5/18/12 ***

    This pooch was always a staff favorite. We were sad to see him come back but the owner could not handle the 5th dog. Please consider this boy.

    Intake condition NONE Intake Date 05/18/2012, From NY 10305, DueOut Date 05/18/2012,

    Medical Behavior Evaluation GREEN
    Medical Summary SCAN POSITIVE 98512100844203BRIGHT, ALERT, RESPONSIVE, HYDRATED PHYSICAL EXAM- Neutered Good appt Easy to handle H/L wnl Dental tartar and stainig Nice hair coat , no external parasites All vaccinations are UPT including Rabies NOSF
    Weight 51.0

    Helper: 0933028

    Optimusprime was calm and relaxed during handling, as well as when following the assessor at the end of the leash during the tag item. He did not resist being handled while eating, and was easily pushed out of the food bowl. Optimusprime took the toy and rawhide away with soft body language,and was relaxed when approaching the helper dog, but not playful.

    Look: 2. Dog pulls out of Assessor's hands each time withoutsettling during three repetitions.

    Sensitivity: 1. Dog stands still and accepts the touch, his eyes are averted, and his tail is in neutral position with relaxed body posture. Dog's mouth is closed for a portion of the assessment item.

    Tag: 1. Follows at end of leash, body soft.

    Squeeze 1: 1. Dog gently pulls back his paw.

    Squeeze 2: 1. Dog gently pulls back his paw.

    Food: 1. Dog calmly allows the food to be moved,follows the dish, but does not interfere with the dish's movement. Dog's body is soft and loose, eyes soft, tail neutral. He lifts his head when hand is pushed against his cheek.

    Toy: 1. Dog settles close, keeps a firm grip and is loose and wiggly. He does not place his body between you and the toy.

    Rawhide: 1. Dog settles close, keeps a firm grip and is loose and wiggly. He does not place his body between you and the rawhide.

    Dog-dog: 2. Dog approaches helper dog with tail at spine level, body soft, ears relaxed, lip long.

    I am an unaltered male, brown brindle and black American Pit Bull Terrier and Labrador Retriever.

    The shelter staff think I am about 4 years old.

    I weigh 44 pounds.

    I was found in NY 10301.

    I have been at the shelter since Jan 21, 2012.

    This information is 1 hour old.

    He is too cute!! He is on the small side - below my knee. I thought he was a puppy when I met him! He loves his neck scratched, always has his tail wagging (has happy tail now and wrapped in a bandage!) and as per staff, no signs of aggression towards other dogs or food. His personality is puppy!

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    DO NOT call and say you are adopting unless you truly intend on physically going to the shelter to adopt the dog. It ties up phones lines and is a waste of the staff's time to explain the adoption procedure over the phone for someone who is purposely not going to show up. They need every free second of their time to answer calls, assist actual adopters, process intakes, and care for the animals. More importantly, they will note the dog’s file that an adopter is en route which will prevent an actual adopter from saving the dog. This is considered a "fake adoption" hold and that is how dogs fall through the cracks and end up being killed.

    For more information on adopting, please visit our website: and click on “How You Can Help.” There are also helpful links with information on each main album description.

    For more information, please call (212) 788-4000. Also email but ONLY if serious about adopting and ONLY if you are able to GO TO the shelter in-person. Please do not email for status updates... the only thing you will accomplish is spamming their in boxes and causing REAL adopter emails to go un-noticed.

    Main link is Death Row Dogs

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