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Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by StarScreamerX22, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Hey for anyone who has the full score CD, what music is included(or missing for that matter)that was on the promotional score CD? I have the promotional score burned to a CD, if I bought the regular score, will it have all of the tracks that were on the promo score or will the promo score & reg score be a complete score together?
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    The promo score has the music as it was cut and edited for the movie (hence why many of the tracks are kind of short). It has short little cues that aren't in the regular score, such as Lennox's unit arriving at SOCCENT Qatar and Sam/Mikaela and Maggie/Glen travelling via helicopter to Hoover Dam.

    The regular score you can buy has music as it was recorded, or at least at the stage before it was cut up and edited for the film. It's also the only place you get get 'Arrival To Earth', what most fans of the TF score consider to be the heart and soul of Jablonsky's work for Transformers.

    Both CDs share tracks, but the regular score concentrates on the main themes in their unedited entirety, while the promo score is kind of hacked up to fit the visuals on screen. As of writing, there is no totally complete score, even if you add all of the scores that we know about together, including the leaked ones.

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