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    TransFormers for Sale/Trade

    G1, G2, Beast Era, RID, Armada, Energon, Cybertron, Universe 1.0 & 2.0, Alternators, Movie 2007, Animated, Playskool Go-Bots, Parts & Accessories
    ...140+ bots up for sale/trade.

    Link is in signature


    I also have some figures from various lines, looking for someone to give them a good home.
    Prices are negotiable and do not include shipping.
    First one to pay is the one that gets it, no holds sorry.
    Trades are welcomed.
    I accept Paypal (payments funded by PayPal Balance, PayPal Instant Transfer or PayPal eCheck; NO credit card transactions), Money Orders (in US funds), or cash (in USD, send at your own risk).

    Shoot me a PM to help keep the thread clean and clear.

    Want List (for trading)
    Marvel TransFormers Crossovers - most of them
    Marvel Mighty Muggs - any of them except Spider-Man, Wolverine
    DC Super Friends - any variations of Batman.. all black, all blue, black & gray, black & blue, black & red spinning disc, grappling action, power prop
    Radzap Robin from "The Batman"
    TransFormers want list

    For Sale/Trade

    Marvel Legends - Wolverine
    Wolverine (Series 3) - loose $15
    Logan (Legendary Rider Series) $9 SOLD
    Weapon X (Giant Man Series) $9
    Weapon "X" Wolverine (Series 7) $9 SOLD

    The Batman (2004)
    Bruce-to-Batman $6
    Hover Attack Batman $5
    Power Disc Batman (exclusive figure) $6
    Anti-Freeze Batman $5
    Hammerstrike Joker $5
    Firefly $5
    *With the exception of Bruce-to-Batman, they will come to you loose. These figures have never been out of the box.

    TMNT (2002)
    Feudal Shredder $6
    Multiarm Shredder $6
    Butterfly Swords $5
    Ultimate Ninja $6
    Nobody $6
    Commander Mozar - loose $5
    Sewer Slider $7
    Shell Cycle $7

    Transformable Robots (Machine Robo Rescue)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Jet Robo Knock Off - $5
    Sealed and has never been opened.

    Left to right:
    Dragon Ball Z - Pirate Robot (from General Blue Saga) $1
    Power Rangers Ninja Storm Megazord $1

    Thanks for looking,
    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Autobot
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    You do u realize your transformers want list link is dead right.

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