Customs: Accurate ROTF Sideways w/o Paint?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Ultrawave, Aug 27, 2009.

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    So I've been seeing the darker variants of Sideways popping up at stores more and more, and I had the idea today that maybe one could make a somewhat more movie accurate Sideways than what either version is already.

    The way I'm thinking this would be possible, is that the bright silver parts from the brighter Sideways (most are on ball joints, like the headlights, arms, etc) and switch them with the darker sideways. The only problem I foresee is switching the rear of the cars, and I'm not sure how to get the pin out without damaging either piece

    Has anyone done this at all/thought of this? Are there any problems one might run into dong this? I'm not a good modder, so I'm in need of help/advice you guys could give.

    *EDIT* The attached image is the effect I'm going for, though I wont neccesarily be painting on the red Audi rings or the silve pin stripes.

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