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    Hi all

    still doing cleaning and reorganized my stuff, found some extras that I am wanting to trade for stuff I need. Please note, some of these items are hard to find, don't offer a trade waaaaay in your favor. can post pics later.

    extra parts on top, my wants are on the bottom.



    TF Parts Extra:

    Afterburner have gun and large cannon (has some silver/purple paint highlights)
    Air Raid gun
    Anti-Aircraft base left turret cannon
    Beastbox one gun nice shape, minimal chrome wear
    Blitzwing have KO guns one blue and one off white
    Bomburst battle ax
    Breakdown big dual gun with connector
    Broadside missile x 2, gun x 2
    Bugly gun
    Camshaft gun
    Countdown small double laser
    Darkwing powermaster throttle has rusty screws and front pins
    DiClone drivers, one yellow with magnetic feet, one red no magnets
    Doubledealer power master Knok x 2 (some rust on screw and pins)
    Downshift have rocket launcher
    Finback stun rifle (smaller gun)
    Flattop gun
    Frenzy right silver gun, good chrome
    Grandslam left and right guns (some chrome wear, they look not shiny, still excellent)
    Greasepit base has gas pumps, missile and missile launcher stand
    Grimlock rocket
    Gunrunner rifle
    Hardhead gun x 2
    Iron Works (micromaster set) have gray ramp x 2
    Jazz (action master) gun
    Jetfire gun clip
    Krok (action master) have gun (someone painted parts of it) and Gatoraider (buddy)
    Kup Target Master have targetmaster Recoil
    Megatron chrome gun thing (little chrome wear)
    Metroplex red double laser x 3, rear tower, antenna (the one that comes out), tank (no turret), large black gun left side, medium laser pistol x 3, Six gun red torso, white chest
    Missile Launcher transport have side gun – left side, missiles x 2
    Missilemaster red launcher arm
    Mixmaster small pistol
    Omega Supreme one large clip
    Onslaught have Bruticus shield
    Optimus Prime powermaster Hi-Q, super robot head, laser rifle x 3, particle beam cannon x 2
    Overbite right monster arm
    Perceptor launcher, missile x 3 (one has the back end broken off), scope with broken blue clip
    Punch / Counter punch yellow two barrel gun
    Quickmix target master Boomer
    Raindance gun x 3 chrome wear on two , the other is really nice
    Ramjet right wing (some wear on decals)
    Rampage gun x 2
    Ranzack gun
    Razorclaw have sword
    Reflector have Opto blaster (bottom is filled in between gun and the handle thing below the muzzle, is this a KO??)
    Rumble have both guns decent chrome
    Sandstorm gun
    Scavenger gun
    Scorponok have elevator connector, elevator platform , repair arm, repair claw, shield, dual gray gun x 3
    Skydive gun
    Skyhopper short ramp, right gun
    Skystalker have one small laser
    Slag launcher and rocket x 2, gun
    Sludge gun and sword
    Snarl action master have gun
    Soundwave have missile launcher, missile x 3, battery cover
    Soundwave (action master) Wingthing buddy complete
    Spinster have Targetmaster Hairsplitter x 2 and Singe
    Squawktalk both guns, both have chrome wear
    Starscream right fist
    Steeljaw have both gold guns,nice shape and chrome
    Strafe one front blaster (ones that attach to front of jet)
    Thundercracker right fist
    Topspin gun
    Treadshot have gun
    Wildrider big gun with connector


    Blitzwing excellent shape
    Bombshell excellent shape
    Dreadwind nice shape
    Jetfire very nice shape
    Kickback excellent shape
    Metroplex okay shape, bilingual with french, one tear on the folded interior area but could be easily with tape
    Onslaught nice shape
    Shockwave very nice
    Shrapnel excellent shape
    Shrapnel good shape
    Swoop excellent shape
    Ultra Magnus very nice shape
    Ultra Magnus good shape with one tear in step three

    TEC SPECS: All of these are G1:

    Air Strike Patrol #2 close cut on the top , overall good card

    Blurr Target Master dots 95% around, even has robot points and UPC, a couple of small spider creases

    Bugly cut close by picture and on top, 3-4 pieces of tape through the strength and intelligence part (still clear tape, no yellowing or rips, don't ask me why they put the tape there)

    Buzzsaw #1 very very nice, can see dots around 90% of the card no creases or stains

    Buzzsaw #2 good cut all around

    Dead End good card, cut close in spots on bottom

    Frenzy #2 bad cut along the bottom in a couple of spots, tape residue along the top between name and decepticon

    Grimlock cut close all the way around, bad cut on the bottom right, missing 1/2 of the first box on the bottom, some corner dings, spider creases

    Laserbeak #2 close cut along the top, would be perfect except the previous owner changed his readings on the spec and connected them with an ink pen

    Powerglide cut close on bottom, nice overall

    Punch-Counter Punch cut a little close on the top right half, one tear about 3/4 inch long through the nt of counterpunch (still has robot points attached) some spider creases

    Quake #2 okay shape, good cut, has a diagonal crease across picture (top left to bottom right of pic)

    Race Car Patrol dots around 60%, very nice shape

    Ravage #2 good cut, a crease in the middle (not noticable from the front)

    Ravage #3 good cut all around, no creases, but does have a few stain drops on the bio part (looks like someones burger squirted juice in a few spots)

    Rumble #1 excellent card, dots all around only problem is a stain spot on the very top right above the ble in rumble

    Rumble #2 good card, cut a little close on the bottom in a spot or two, crease in the middle

    Seawing cut a little close on bottom and right side, otherwise good shape

    Sideswipe #1 dots around 90% of card, has been folded in half so there is some light creases

    Sideswipe #2 cut close all around, creases, drew over existing tec line in pen

    Soundwave good cut, but has a rip from the top left corner diagonally through the first word of his motto

    Thundercracker cut close on top and bottom, has small tear on bottom of picture (all still there, just rises up a little)

    Vortex cut close all around, some creasing

    Wildrider good card, cut close in spots on bottom,

    Windcharger dots all around, very nice card

    G2 Terradive FULL CARD
    G2 Turbofire FULL CARD
    G2 Windrazor FULL CARD
    G2 Spark Instructions very nice shape
    G2 Colossus Instructions very nice shape
    G2 Air Raid Insturctions very nice

    Machine wars Soundwave tec spec



    Decepticon minibots mib
    Fort Max parts
    red Sunstreaker
    Hosehead complete
    Apeface complete
    Needlenose just need bot
    Repugnus just need bot
    Snarl G2 need green body version with gun and sword
    Action Masters: Bumblebee (need bot), Rad (just bot),
    Pretenders: Bludgeon, Bumblebee, Pincher, Skyhammer, Thunderwing, Roadblock


    Anti-Aircraft base (micromaster) need green ramp x 2 and back half of micro plane (Spaceshot)
    Apeface need headmaster and shield thing
    Autobot micromaster HQ need full barrel and overflow
    Axer need missile x 1
    Banzai-Tron need legs to Razor sharp
    Camshaft need missile x 2
    Devastator action master need gun
    Doubleheader need gun and pistol
    Drillhorn (UK rescue force) need one drill red preferably
    Excavator (micromaster merger) need the back tow hook (mine is broken)
    Finback Pretender need outer shell (both halves) and belt
    Flamefeather need right wing PENDING

    FORTRESS MAXIMUS NEED: forearm gun cover, arm double laser, red ramp (main), right side ramp, left side ramp, hip cannons x 2, compartment door, radar scope PENDING, headmaster Spike, mini laser rifle PENDING, laser, gasket grommet and two arms, and photon rifle

    Grimlock need sword, gun
    Gutcruncher with jet need whole thing
    Jackport (action master) need whole thing?
    Jazz pretender need helmet PENDING
    Kick Off Action master need orange hand gun
    Landmine (pretender) need belt
    Leozack (UK rescue force) need gun PENDING
    Megatron action master need whole thing
    Megatron G2 (green version) need missile x 3
    Metroplex need RIGHT black cannon
    Missile Launcher Transport (micromaster) need one yellow ramp (specific yellow, not the generic ones)
    Nightbeat need two antennas
    Omega Supreme need one small clip
    Overrun with helicopter need whole thing
    Prowl action master need right engine intake PENDING, small cannon x 2, gas tank cover, and missile x 1
    Quake need tank turret
    Rad (action master) need main figure only
    Ramhorn need both GOLD weapons
    Roadbuster need missile x 2, antenna
    Rodimus Prime need blast shield x 2
    Rollout action master need main figure only
    Roughtstuff need handle bar thing
    Sideswipe G2 need missile launcher PENDING
    Snarl need sword x 2
    Skyhigh pretender need helmet, gun, belt and rotor to copter
    Skystalker need two gray ramps (the ones with textured lines),
    Sprocket need whole thing
    Stalker (UK exclusive) need radar dish and brown gun?? ( not the big missile)
    Starscream (action master) need missile x 1, laser cannon
    Tanker Tansport need both micromasters, cannon x 2, cannon mounts x 1, and ramps x 2
    Thundercracker need 2 horizontal wings PENDING
    Treadshot with catgut (no gun needed)
    Wheeljack action master need missile x 2, and robot’s right hip/thigh with good black connector to knee


    Dunebuggy blue decepticon


    Dunebuggy yellow autobot

    Jeep white decepticon

    Need a lot of tec specs like:
    Rough stuff
    and more give me list if they are in good shape!

    Decoys needed:

    #21 Hoist
    #25 Windcharger

    #50 Frenzy
    #53 Laserbeak
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