Absolutely massive G1 sale - over 120 figures in C9 condition!

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by xZAOx, Jun 29, 2008.

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    This is quite possibly my favorite thread ever!

    (is anyone else seeing no intial post at all?)
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    This is most likely due to a server error.
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    I copied and plaste this from another site. :D 

    Hey everyone,

    After lots of purchasing lately, I have reached the decision to trim down my G1 collection. Almost all of the figures I am selling from my collection are in complete, beautiful, pristine condition and the prices reflect that. I intended to put these all on eBay, which I will do in about a week, but some board members were asking for a crack at 'em first.

    Here's how this works. I put up prices I would like to get for each figure. Make me reasonable offer based on that and I will consider it, but you need to be able to pay right away. I work on a first to pay, first to get basis. I take Paypal. The more figures you include in your offer, the more likely I am to consider some discounts. Insured Priority Mail shipping to the USA will be either $15 or $10, depending on the size and weight (I'll absorb some of the shipping cost).

    Once we have settled on an offer, I will e-mail you a snapshot of each of the figures and doublecheck quality as well as make sure I have everything for it. That way you get to see it before sending money.

    I pack everythin very well. I have an eBay account under Lapse_of-Reason_auctions as a Powerseller with over 1300+ feedback at 95.5% I've been a member at Seibertron for about 4 years and sometimes post on TFW, but not as much.

    Grading explanation - Grading is subjective. To me, a C10 is right out of the box. The only way I'd grade a C10 is if I opened a MISB figure. A C9 is as good as out of the box but maybe been sitting out a while. It may have very minor wear or some label wear, but the overall figure is in excellent condition. A C8 will show some signs of play, but nothing major. There may be some problem, such as a hard to remove smudge or minor paint wear. Nothing I have is below C8. I'm the type who would by three of a figure online, then keep the best of the three.

    My prices reflect the quality of the figures and what I hope to get for them. If they don't sell here, I will either decide to keep them or put them up on eBay starting at the price listed below. If they still don't sell, I'll relist it again at the same price. If, after a third time they don't sell I will start them at 99 cents and let the bidders decide. That's my plan, for those who care to know.

    Now on with the toys...

    Misc. G1 Bots and Cons

    Bumblejumper C9, good joints $110
    Outback C9, no gun $8
    Hot Rod C9+ Jap reissue, metal $50
    Kup C9, complete, missing labels $25
    Punch-Counterpunch C9, new labels, no guns $50

    Omnibots (Mail-In Premiums)
    Camshaft C9, complete, new labels $40
    Downshift C9, complete, new labels $40
    Overdrive C9, complete, new labels $40

    Deluxe Insecticons
    Barrage C9, complete, new labels $75
    Chop Shop C9, complete $75
    Ransack C9, complete $75
    Venom C9, complete $75

    Battle Chargers
    Runabout C9, complete, upgrade labels $25
    Runamuck C9, complete, upgrade labels $25

    Goldbug C9 $30
    Chase C9 $20
    Freeway C9 $20
    Rollbar C9 $20
    Searchlight C9 $20
    Wideload C9 $20

    Autobot & Decepticon Clones
    Fastlane C9, complete $35
    Cloudraker C9, complete $35
    Pounce C9, complete $35
    Wingspan C9, complete $35

    Doublecross C9, complete $100
    Grotusque C9, complete $100
    Repugnus C9, complete $80

    Blurr with Haywire C8, complete $150
    Crosshairs with Pinpointer C9, complete $100
    Pointblank with Peacemaker C9, complete $100
    Cyclonus with Nightstick C9, complete $200
    Scourge with Fracas C9, new labels, missing top missle $200
    Misfire with Aimless C9+, complete $150
    Slugslinger with Caliburst C8, complete, minor discoloration $120
    Triggerhappy with Blowpipe C9, complete $150
    Landfill with Flintlock and Silencer C9, complete $50
    Quickmix with Boomer and Ricochet C9, complete $50
    Scoop with Tracer and Holepunch C9, complete $50
    Needlenose with Sunbeam and Zigzag C9, complete $70
    Quake with Tiptop and Heater C9, complete $75
    Spinister with Singe and Hairsplitter C9, complete $75

    Apeface with Spasma C9+, complete $150
    Snapdragon with Krunk C9+, complete $150
    Siren with Quig C9, complete $140
    Fangry with Brisko C9, complete $70
    Squeezeplay with Lokos C9, complete $90

    Blot will sell with Abominus
    Cutthroat will sell with Abominus
    Rippersnapper will sell with Abominus
    Sinnertwin will sell with Abominus
    Hun-Gurr will sell with Abominus
    Abominus C9, complete with all small guns. $200

    Battletrap C9, complete $15
    Flywheels C9, complete $15

    Overkill C9, complete, very minor chrome wear $35
    Grand Slam Sold with Slamdance
    Raindance Sold with Slamdance
    Slamdance C9, complete $120
    Squalktalk Sold with Squalkbox
    Beastbox Sold with Squalkbox
    Squalkbox C9, complete $120

    Sparkabots & Firecons
    Fizzle C9 $20
    Guzzle C9 $20
    Sizzle C9 $20
    Cindersaur C9 $15
    Flamefeather C8, minor paint wear $15

    Triggerbots & Triggercons
    Backstreet C9 $20
    Dogfight C9 $20
    Override C9 $25
    Crankcase C9 $20
    Ruckus C9 $20
    Windsweeper C9 $20

    Powermaster Optimus Prime w/Hi-Q C9, complete, reissue w/ Apex armor $150
    Getaway with Rev C9, complete $120
    Slapdash with Lube C9+, complete $120

    Waverider C9, complete $100
    Groundbreaker C9, complete $100
    Sky High C9, complete $100
    Splashdown C9, complete $100
    Chainclaw C9, complete $100
    Catilla C9, complete $100
    Gunrunner C9, complete $80
    Bomb-Burst C9, complete $100
    Skullgrin C9, complete $100
    Snarler C9, complete $100
    Roadgrabber C9, complete $80
    Longtooth C9, complete $120
    Pincher C9, complete $100
    Crossblades C9, complete $120
    Vroom C9, complete, sticker wear $130
    Octopunch C9, complete $100
    Stranglehold C9, complete $100

    Pretenders Monsters
    Birdbrain Sold with Monstructor
    Bristleback Sold with Monstructor
    Icepick Sold with Monstructor
    Scowl Sold with Monstructor
    Slogg Sold with Monstructor
    Wildfly Sold with Monstructor
    Monstructor C9, complete with all small guns $400

    That's it for now, but I will soon be selling non-g1 figures from Beast Wars on up.
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    That is strange - I thought my initial post went through and even if I posted nothing it should still have my information as the first poster. Must be a server error, because I have noticed a few errors here today.

    What Liokaiser posted is the same thread I have at seibertron.com. I'll be updating on both sites (assuming TFW2005 is working) as stuff sells.

    If you are interested in anything, I am the one to PM.
  5. Lapse of Reason

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    July 1 - update

    add G1 e-Hobby Ghost Starscream, MIB C9+ $200.

    Last chance on nay of these before eBay gets em.

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