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    when it coems to transformers masterforce i got a question

    when it comes to the whole bit about transformers literally passing for humans and humans as godmasters making the transition to cybertronian bodies

    how might it go over if one were to take that idea a single step or two further in exploring the very idea ofa character who was in their past life a cybertronian autobot warrior who wound up diing in thier past life as a causalty of the great war who over time was actually literally reincarnated as one of us humans with that person being a godmaster warrior in their present lifetime with it serving as a way for that person to actually reposess for thier being a newly forged transtector that happens to be a replica of their orignal cybertronian body which that person had in their past life asa cybertronian?

    reinterpreted like that i could actually see masterforce being in aits way a deeply philosophical kind of series

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