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    Well, Auto Assembly 2008 is almost upon us, so with just EIGHT days to go, it's time for another important update on the latest developments and reminder about pre-registrations if you haven't already...

    * ANOTHER Goodie Bag Item! *

    We've got yet another freebie for you but once again it's limited! Past Auto Assembly guest and star of RiD Neil Kaplan has just released the first issue of his graphic novel "I, Of The Wolf" at the San Diego Comic Convention and Neil has provided us with 50 promotional stickers! As with the Activision, Titan Comics and Liberation Entertainment goodies, these will be distributed at random to pre-registrants through a lucky draw but instead of a redemption voucher, the winners will find the stickers in their welcome packs.

    * Pre-Registration Deadline! *

    The deadline for bookings outside of the UK is now CLOSED. While we would love to be able to take bookings, to be honest we can't guarantee to be able to get your confirmation packs out to you in the post and have them reach you in time before you fly out to the UK so if any of you did go on to the website and pre-registered it would be at your own risk. However, we will have places on the door so if you arrive bright and early you shouldn't have any problems getting in and we WILL let EVERY overseas on the door attendee in.

    For those of you pre-booking from the UK, the cut off point will be 9:00 pm on Tuesday 29th July and after that point the online bookings will be removed from the website. This will give us enough time to post your confirmation packs out to you by first class post on Wednesday morning and they should still reach you by Thursday or Friday morning at the latest. Please note that if you are posting your booking then they MUST reach us by Tuesday to be processed.

    We expect to have in the region of 100 on the door places available so for those of you who are considering coming along you should be able to get in still!

    * A New European Record? *

    In 2006 we had 400 attendees and in 2005 we set the European record with 409. As we have said before, we want to set a NEW European record this year and we're almost there with 380 pre-registrants at the time of writing this! If you are planning on coming along, why not pre-register NOW and let's see if we can break the record from pre-bookings alone!

    Well, we're almost there but who knows, we may have even MORE announcements to make in the next couple of days... well, we ARE working on a few things!! Until next time...

    As always, for all the latest information on Auto Assembly 2008, to book online or to download booking forms or for more information on anything in this weekly update, visit the website at Auto Assembly

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