A War Begins

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    Hey a new fic I started. It's non-tf, so please tell me what you think.

    A War Begins.​

    Chapter 1

    Explorers are seen walking through a jungle to find a city. They are excited but yet frighten of what awaits them. They traveled day and night for seven years. They have finally reached a hill that gave them the outlook of the area. To the west lay the city. They had seven miles to go. As they continue, the leader of the group activates a signal. This signal will let them be found. They near the city. They hide in the bushes to watch the natives. All are awe struck. The natives look like animals. Dogs, cats, tigers, lions, panthers. There was at least two hundred in that city alone.*

    Arnold: " Sir? What do we do?"

    Captain Drake: " Wait for help to arrive."

    Arnold: " Sir?"

    Drake: " They're savage, wild creatures, who must be ridden of this planet."

    Lucas: " But sir, they're are not harming us."

    Drake: " That's what you think. Who knows?"

    Sgt. Foxx: " Look can we just kill them now and get over with it?"

    Drake: " No, we need back up. It should be here in awhile."

    Foxx: " Fine."

    *They look back at the creatures. Suddnely they stop. They look to a majestic looking lion. His ears peirced, garments of silk, brass wristbands. A black and white mane surrounds his face. To his right is a lioness of same stature. Her hair hangs loose around her long legs with brass writsbands and anklets. Baggy pants, and a wrap around her torso. The lion's voice booms across the land.*

    Kudax: " We gather today to celebrate my daughter's birth. She has given many of us joy and happyness."

    *He holds up a necklace made from teeth, turquoise and feathers.*

    Kudax: " To my daughter. The necklace of her mother."

    *He turns to his daughter and puts it on.*

    Kudax: " Wear it proud, Lerra, Warrior of the Moon."

    Lerra: " Thank you."

    *Kudax turns back to the crowd only to be met by a bullet. He falls to the ground with a loud thud and clutches his shoulder. Lerra drops down next to him. No one had heard the military humvees pull up. From the bushes rushes an army of humans. The creatures flee while some fight back. Among those fighting is Arrow. He has taken on Foxx. Foxx dodges the menacing claws of the cougar. He then takes a dive at Arrow's face with his knife and gets his eye. Arrow reels back in pain covering his eye when Foxx stabs him in the abdomen and the chest. Arrow falls and is being dragged by Foxx when Lerra and Kudax attack him. He nearlly escapes and runs for the humvees. He enters on and grabs a gun he fires at everything not caring. He mostly hits the humans but has hit Kudax in the chest. He and Lerra were seperated and now has fallen to the humans. Drake and Foxx grab the lifeless lion and load him into a truck. Lerra screams for her father but is knocked to the ground but humans and some of her people. Her miotionless body is the last thing seen*
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    I thought I was the only one here into writing Non-TF fic. Nice read, hope to have mine up (again) soon. :]

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