A very sick story, with a happy ending - so far.

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    I read this story in the local newspaper yesterday. It is hard to believe people are so sick.


    Abandoned infant found on roadside
    By Kari Petrie kpetrie@stcloudtimes.com

    Published: November 22. 2006 12:30AM

    LYNDEN TOWNSHIP — Bob Klaverkamp always looked into the tree line as he headed home. He used to find the remains of methamphetamine labs, but mostly there was trash.

    But Monday afternoon he found something he never expected — a newborn girl.

    The discovery left Klaverkamp and authorities with one question: Whose baby is it?

    The girl was found at 4 p.m. Monday along 222nd Street and Franklin Road, off Stearns County Road 75. Stearns County Chief Deputy Bruce Bechtold said the girl is white and 3 to 14 days old.

    She was found in a car seat along a tree line several feet from the road's edge. Klaverkamp said the car seat was not an infant seat and was too big for the baby. A duffel bag containing baby care items was found next to her.

    The baby was lightly dressed and covered with a blanket. Deb Klaverkamp, Bob's wife, said the child was not cold and appeared to be all right when found. The temperature at 4 p.m. Monday was 44 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

    Bob Klaverkamp said the child was whining but stopped when he picked up the car seat and put it in his truck. The infant grasped his finger until police came.

    The girl was found along a dirt road that sees little traffic. Klaverkamp said after police arrived, it was half an hour before another vehicle went by.

    The girl, who has been dubbed Baby Grace by some, was taken to St. Cloud Hospital and kept overnight for observation. She is now in a foster home.

    Bechtold said the girl is in good health.

    Deputies canvassed the area Monday night to see if residents saw anything or knew anything about the girl, Bechtold said. Investigators have received several leads that they are looking into, he said.

    Bechtold said that in his 20 years with the Stearns County Sheriff's Office, he can remember only one other case of an abandoned infant, and that happened more than 10 years ago.

    "It's pretty unique nationwide," he said.

    If tracked down, whoever abandoned the girl could face child neglect or endangerment charges.

    In 2000, the Legislature passed the Safe Place for Newborns law, which allows a mother, or a person who has the mother's permission, to leave a newborn infant at a hospital without fear of prosecution for abandonment.

    In September, a baby was brought to St. Cloud Hospital by her mother, Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall said.

    That was the only time since the law went into effect in 2000 that a newborn has been brought to any of the three CentraCare hospitals — Melrose Hospital, St. Cloud Hospital and Long Prairie Memorial Hospital — said Darla Mergen, communications specialist with CentraCare.

    The newborn girl brought to the hospital in September was less than a week old, and the child's case is proceeding through the legal system, Kendall said.

    It includes a petition to terminate the parental rights of the parents because the child was abandoned, Kendall said.

    Children brought to a safe haven in such circumstances generally end up being placed for adoption.

    "There are other choices that can be made in these situations that literally protect the identity of the parents in a safe place so we can get those babies to people who very, very much want them," Kendall said.

    The safe-place law says that the child needs to be brought to the hospital within 72 hours of birth.

    But the point of the law is protecting children, Kendall said, so she worries less about a 72-hour stopwatch and more about protecting the child in a safe place and finding it a good home.

    "We are well aware of the good news that can come when someone makes that choice," she said.

    For the infant girl found Monday, Klaverkamp said he hopes someone who knows something about her steps forward to deputies.

    "That's all we can pray for," he said.

    Reporter David Unze contributed to this report.
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    I really question people’s thoughts when they do something like this.
    Why would she not take the child to the hospital?
    What brought her to this?

    I guess on the bright side the baby was found healthily, as these often end very poorly.
  3. Valkysas

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    I'd charge whoever abandoned the baby with attempted murder, since it's obvious an infant cant survive on it's own at the side of the road.
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    What I want to know is why didnt the mother just take the child to a safe harbor place like a hospital? Its clear that she wanted someone to take and care for her baby as she left babby care supplies did she just not know?
  5. Blunticon

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    Yeah I mean drop her off on the door step, or get some help. Why just leave a lil being that cant do anything for itsself.
  6. SCPrime

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    he/she may not be aware of the law.
  7. Alpha Prime

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    Poor baby. Out on the side of a road. no mama. :cry 

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